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Vitamin D


Last winter I felt terrible, my aches and pains had changed to a feeling of stiffness and every bone ached. I went to the docs and asked for a Vit D blood test. The test showed I was deficient in Vit D so I was put on a dose for 6 months. 4 months ago the 6 months were up and the doc took me off the tablets and told me to go back and ask for another blood test in January. I have felt really well and all my stiffness and aches and pains either disappeared or decreased amazingly. Hurrah the blood test came back NORMAL so as I thought the Vit D did its work. I must admit I have had two holidays in the sun as well which have obviously contributed to the Vit D in my blood. My husband who has been suffering badly with pain (he thinks it is arthritis but I suspect it is also a lack of Vit D) has just gone to the docs to ask for the blood test. Please remember do not take Vit D without a doctors knowledge it can affect kidneys and liver in a very bad way. So be safe and if you are suffering any of the above symptoms, go to the docs and ask for a blood test. Take care Maximonkey

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Good advice, Mm.

Hi maximonkey

I have just been diagnosed with cervical spondidiliosis (a form of arthritis in the neck). It is quite bad and will be treated soon. You got to wait for an apt with a GOOD gp LOL.

So I heard about fish oils to help ease the pain and inflammation.

It is a minefield. I found that I can't take liver fish oils to help as they contain vit D and vit a. So I would overdose on these to get the amount of omega 3.

So I have to take omega 3 for 3 months to see if I benefit from them.

I used to take omega 3, 6 & 9 I think it was but found that too much 6 can worsen inflammation.

Yesterday I had just had enough and bought some mackerel!

Wonder how many of them I have to eat before I hit the 2700mg of omega 3 a day? (Arthritis uk guidelines)

I wonder how much omega 3 is in a battered cod n chips?

Let us know how your hubby gets on.

Good to hear from you.


Hi SK, thanks for your good wishes. With regard to the fish oils I take omega 3,6, and 9 and they do help with overall health, however, the feeling when I was short of Vit D was so different to the arthritis pain and I was also very tired and short on get up and go. Thank goodness I feel normal again now. I hope you find something other than eating dozens of mackerel per day. By the way I also eat salmon in one form or another 3 times per week as I love salmon and it is so good for us. My hubby prefers the tinned variety so he eats 3 tins of red salmon per week. Boy we should be soo healthy. Take care of yourself. Maximonkey

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