Still moving forward at GP Practice!

Had to go to see about when to take my Gout tablets as the AB's for the lung infection has done its job at last. I am showing a good O2 at the surgery so they are happy. Until I throw in the fact that once I go out in the cold I am struggling and I still cannot do anything above making a hot drink at home?

When he said I do seem to have gout flares more often lately and I will have to look at long term treatment. However the tablets I take that seem to do the job in 3 days will make my chest gooey so I cannot take them long term and the others may not be as strong, but I will be taking them daily so could affect the lungs? He said that I will have to wait at least 2 weeks before I have a blood test to see my uric acid levels. He stated that he would like to see them below 600, looks at my last test and that was 750 so not what he wanted to see.

I thought I would bring up Support O2 again as doing very little is not my idea of a great life! He did not throw it out as they have before, but did say that it has got to be looked into with more detail as it could be a combination of my conditions. With that he asked for other tests to be done with the blood. Once they have them back they can look at possible links to follow?

I have been looking in more detail into Gout and it seems that it can affect the lungs as well because of the uric acid crystals which cause Tophi (I think it is spelt like) These crystals are evil looking sharp spiky things which explains why they are so painful. I wonder if that is why my kidneys hurt whenever they try diuretics on me? As Uric Acid can cause Kidney stones too? One of the strangest things I found is Gout can flare in the ears?

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  • It's such an uphill struggle trying to juggle competing health problems. At least you are being listened to more by you GP. Seems like slow but sure progress - I hope things improve soon for you & I hope things going well for yTake care.our son too.

  • Thank you.

  • So sorry you are going through the mill Offcut but at last you are turning a corner. Infection bettered, gout reducing, Dr in listening mode. Do you know what the detail is re support oxygen? Is s/he referring you for assessments? Years ago I worked with a young man prone to gout but he was on a long term prevent or reduce medication. Is this possible for you? I do hope 2016 continues to get better for you but a bit speedier. Love Margaret x

  • It is the way the ones I take, that is their worry as they make the chest very gooey but they do clear it after 3 days? I still do not know when I if/will be assessed there still seems to be barriers in place. Since My last spell in A&E and the results of the xray they seem to have taken a different path with the way I am treated. I have never had the A & E doctor call me at home to ask if I am still okay and come back if the lungs flairs up again a day after coming home?

    I am asked all of the time why am I not on Support O2 in hospital? They do not want to interfere with the GP's and the Gp's do not want me to be assessed it seems? Just because I am okay sitting down that seems to be all I need? When I am on 2l O2 I feel more alive and my stats go up. My average at rest is 92 but not unusual to be 88. The O2 gets rid of the shocking headaches I get too.

    Be Well

  • If that is the one they check with the artery and it hurts? Then they say that is fine but I have been woken by headaches many a night. But my lung function is at its worse flat.

  • I found when I gave blood my headaches went for months. I did suffer nosebleeds but one was so bad I ended up in hospital and had to have it cauterized. Since then and the fact I cannot give blood anymore because of all my tablets the headaches came back.

    I had the test in October when I ended up in A&E with another infection and 39.5c temp :(

  • Blood pressure was a thought but it was a little below normal so they threw that idea out. But sometimes my BP will be stupidly high and then go down in the same day for no apparent reason?

  • Surely if you are regularly hitting 88% you shouldn't be denied an assessment by a Respiratory Consultant! I think that you are being treated appallingly. Rib

  • They have never offered me the oximeter until the end of an appointment. This has not been just one of them but all of them. I am fully rested and warm so will always be on the higher end. Even my wife has piped up and said it is not a problem when he sits down, it is when he wants to do anything?

    I did have a doctor follow me in Ambulatory Care from my chair to a room for an ECG and back again. When he called me in he said "Now I understand what you mean! Sedentary is okay but even walking you start to lose your breath, so I can see that anything above that must make you very SOB as you have said! We have based it all on the at rest stats we take."

  • That is ridiculous. I am sorry that I can't help resolve this.

    If it was me I think I would put my own oximeter on as soon as I parked next to the desk and rest my hand on the desk so the meter cannot be missed. Then if it is still ignored I would just say "may I just draw your attention to the effort it has taken in just getting from your waiting room. Having made sure that I had wheeled myself from the furthest bay in the car park before hand.


  • Conflicting health issues must make treatment pretty difficult but l hope progress is made very soon Offcut. Never heard of gout in the ears, pardon the pun.

    Wishing you well. Xxx

  • Sure does tablets are fun when they look though the conflicts they can have with each other. With all the AB's I have been on my INR has dropped down below my limit I should be 2.5 to 3.5, 3.0 ideal but I am 1.9 at the moment :(

  • Onward and upward Offcut. 🙏 xxx

  • Hi Offcut your spellings for the gout problems are right, and the first sign of it can appear in the ears, no not a doctor my dad had it for around thirty years so am family with the medical facts about it. More men get it than women but it can be hereditary and women usually get it in the thumb joints rather than the toe. Your right to be concerned about your Kidney function as lots of things alter the uric acid levels besides port :) :) most diuretics do and some foods are high in uric acid causing gout to come on. But I am sure you probably know some of this . Keep trying to get your surgery more patient friendly and I am sure you will manage the health issues better with the doctor in future. Take care and keep well xx

  • Mushrooms are a big trigger food for me so keep off them which is a shame as I do like them :(

  • Wonder what's in mushrooms that upsets your health, they are supposed to be OK . It is a shame you can't eat such a simple healthy food. Oh well guess it is only a small price to pay to stay better.

  • It is the purine content that is the problem with gout. too much and it converts to uric acid which turns to crystals which attach to the attack area.

    list below:

  • I knew it was the purines but did not realise mushrooms had them in.

  • It seems to be a lot of the things I like. Except mussels which with my iodine allergy I cannot eat anyway !

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