I'm so very blessed that I have the loveliest GP.When she told me,thinking I already knew,that the transplant team in Newcastle had said no to the transplant, that I wouldn't survive, because the sarcoidosis has ravaged my liver as well as my lungs,and who knew you need a healthy liver to qualify for transplant.

I allowed myself to fall apart for 10 minutes,then decided it was time to pull myself together.Life goes on.I have a lot of damage to do yet lmao 😂.

My GP reminded me that I was only here so far because of my inner strength and that I had to hold onto that.

I can do anything,well except run lmao 😂.

I start my degree in forensic psychology next week,I'm a bit scared to profile myself bahahaha 😂.

The transplants off,but life isn't,I either give up,or live,and I ain't no quitter,I've lived through worse than this,this is a cake walk.

I love life,I have and amazing hubby,kids and my gorgeous grandson Eli whom I love love love,did I mention I love him? Lmao.

I'm determined to see my 14 year old son go to uni,and see my grandson grow up.

I really believe that life is 5% circumstance and 95% attitude,and my attitude has well.......attitude bahahaha.

Hope I've put a smile on one of you beautiful peoples faces,keep fighting,I'll be your cheerleader I'm always here 💗

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  • Oh I am so sorry to hear that you can't have your transplant. It must be shattering to you and I can't imagine how you are feeling.

    But like you said you are still here and where there is life there is hope. You sound like a lovely lady with a very positive and encouraging attitude. You keep going and show 'em girl. A big hug for you. Bev xx

  • Thanks so granny always said "whits fur had,ll no go by yae" hope you understand my Scottish lol.But her words ring in my ears,its not meant for me,I have a LOT of damage to do in life yet lmao 😂.Take care bev

    Much love Tracey xoxo

  • Dearest Gothmum you are amazing just keep being you ♥

  • When you start a marathon I will join in with you and we can hold each other up as we might just make 3 or 4 feet :) :)

  • What a brilliant attitude you have

    Do take care


  • With an attitude like THAT who will dare try to stop you doing whatever you want to do? I was also turned down for transplant - so we go on. xx

  • Hi, love the attitude but it must have been devastating . As you say , attitude is a great determiner of survival. Good luck with the forensic psychology degree. X

  • Definitely smiling Gothmum. Life is good and you are determined to live it. Good.

    Sarcoidosis is a swine and secretly does damage where it can. Pete still gets on with life after 24 years with sarc. I won't let him stop living life to the full, so far as he can.

    Great to have family and grandkids. You do love Eli lots and we love Jack and Francesca.

    You take care and stay strong.

    Xxx xxx

  • P.S. good luck with the degree. You go girl! Xxx

  • You are truly amazing. Your news was dreadful but you kicked it into touch. You give us more pathetic folks courage to pull ourselves together and get on with our lives, well definitely me! The thing that resonated with me was your love for your grandson, I too absolutely adore mine and my 2 grand daughters so I have resolved to pull myself together and go for it too. You have given me a great gift out of you grief. Thank you.

  • The medication you have to take after a transplant is poisonous to us so for some people you can actually end up needing a liver transplant thats why the assessments are so thorough

  • Great attitude. I don't qualify for transplant because of my size I'm very small and always have been, but you can't get that through to any doctor they just look at me. You go for it I wish you all the luck in the world. My dad always said you think positive you get positive.

    Good luck

    Kim xxx

  • Great positive attitude Tracey, I always thought I was pretty positive but you beat me hands down :) .

  • You are amazing - just got up & dusted yourself off - good luck with the degree & so wonderful you have such a loving family around you xx

  • Good for you girl ! With that positive attitude you`ll cope with anything. And what`s more you`ve shaken me- and a few more I bet - out of self pity. I`m going to take a leaf out of your book this year. Thankyou gothmum, Sheila xx

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