Hi all hope everyone is ok. I do write on here every now again. I have severe Copd, my problem is I have been in so much pain with my knees. Ortho consultant say my joints are crystallized on both sides have to have a MRI done. He is also sending me to physio cause my feet are so swollen and knees. He said if I needed a operation they would not be able to it due to me having copd. Has anyone had this experience or has anyone actually had a operation with copd. Thanks

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Hi Patj, sorry your knees are so painful. To answer your question, yes I had lung cancer & a successful operation to remove it & part of my right lung. This was 3 years ago now & I have moved from severe copd post op to moderate. With lung cancer they have a FEV1 cut off point & if you fall below this they won't give surgery. But this is your knees, maybe they can use a different sort of anaesthetic? Maybe you could ring the BLF helpline & speak to a nurse about Copd & surgery. X

Thank you, so pleased you are doing well after your operation.

Hi Patj, my friend has COPD and has just had a hip replacement using a spinal block and some sedation she said it was wonderful it seemed over so quickly and she didn't feel a thing.

take care

polly xx

Hi, Patj, my husband, who does not have COPD has had trouble with his knees, was due to have surgery, but put it off Ashe worries about how I will cope when he was laid up, I would cope as where there is a will there is a way😊 I was on the internet one day and was reading good reports on some new supports for people with bad knees. Well to cut a long story short, I ordered 2, they are quite expensive at £29.99 each, but believe me they have helped him so much, he walks with no pain, and is not having to take any painkillers, he tells me that he doesn't,t need the op. now.

They are called ACTIVE 650. Google it and read what the reports say. I do hope you will get some relief as ,nothing worse than being in constant pain? Live and hugs xxx

Thank you. After yet another night of not sleeping due to pain. I have really had enough 6weeks of this, now have to wait yet more time for the MIR scan. I will try those active 650 anything to get out of this pain.

Hope his pain continues to ease xx

Before my knee replacement, I wore either a sports knee support or tight jeans (e.g. drainpipe or skinny) and they helped reduce the pain during the day. I used to wake up to six times a night though.

I have COPD and had an arthroscopy on right knee with spinal block & have just been referred for a knee replacement on left knee - so no reason you shouldn't have operations - you need to go back to your GP and insist he refer you. Good luck x

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