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Old ways/ Help with Flu

Dear All, I posted this as a responce to what Merv wrote to someone who was feeling really bad trying to stop smoking. I put it in the wrong place, but I wanted to share with you all as a thank you for the help and kindness you have shown and given me.


Merv, although as you know I am here on the site for help and advice because of my best friend and my dad. I too have had to give up smoking due to Macular Degenation and Gum issues (I am loosing my teeth at 53 due to smoking) as you know I make and use medicians that have been with us since celtic times, and Anglo-Saxon Times and Old English times.Medicans that have worked for 1000's of years and stay away from perscribed drugs (everything I do is backed by hard science)

You have helped me so much I would like to help you and others who have cold and flu issues.

Durring Celtic times and onward, people would drink Elderberry Juice as there where no antibiotics. If you have a cold or flu, 2 Tbs 3 xs daily and it should clear in 2 weeks (3 at max if it is a bad flu).

I know as a disabled person myself the doctors recommend a flu jab, problem with that is they are injecting the flu virus into you and most of us have a low immune system, which means we end up ill from the flu jab.

Instead you can use elderberry Juice to bbuild up your immune system. Start in Sept, take 2 tablespoons a day every day until the end of October (you can carry one into Nov if you have family or friends who are suffering with bad colds around you).

You can buy Elderberry Juice from Amazon.Buy the pure juice not cordual or syrups. They do sell them in a box of 6 bottles.

I shall warn you, at it tastes bitter, but the more you take it the more your body does start to crave it and the more you find yourself at the fridge taking it out.

This will help as well as Mervs amazing shakes he makes, I sugest as they are both natural use them,there is nothing to loose and everything to gain.


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Hello Fran

Interesting post.

I would say the members on here all with serious lung problems definitely need to have the flu jab.

Flu to us could be life threatening.

As the vaccine is a "dead" virus you will not catch flu from it.

Any cough and cold you may have afterwards is purely coincidental, and the most common side effect is a sore arm, or feeling a little below par for a couple of days....The Pro's far outweigh the Con's.

I am all for using natural things along with conventional medicine.

I think we could all benefit from upping our fruit and veg intake, and as you say some of " Merv's " juices sound delicious and are obviously having a beneficial effect on him.

Your Elderberry juice will probably have the same benefits, thanks for the tip, l shall be ordering some from Amazon today...as you say, nothing to loose.

Best wishes

Velvet xx


I for one will give this a try fram X

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Me too...am rowing up river as I speak. Thankyou for the elderberry tip.

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I have had many a night without sleep My Daughter has had her second op on her leg to release nerves. It has worked and after a year of dragging a leg around she she could not feel. She now can walk normally.

The day before her Op David Bowie died. Ouch form the age of 8 until this moment he was and is apart of my life and I greive like I lost my dearest friend.

So no sleep... I now have a cold, first thing I did was grab the elderberry this morning and from streaming nose this morning, I am feeling so much better.

I always have a box of six just incase (I hope to buy a press for the summer- and do my own). So I shall keep having it for the next few days and it will clear.

I can highly recommend it, as after being poinioned by 2 pharmacticals in 2013 and nearly dying.... I have made a decision, that unless it is to save my life I will do my best to find proven true, origional Medican (not chemicals).

You are very welcome, I know this works well, and who needs a cold or flu, especially with COPD. That mighty little berry will help you.




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