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Does one day seem the same as the next these cold days

I am finding it hard these cold days if you go out the cold takes your breath away and if you stop in it drives you mad I have had a model of a spitfire to make for Christmas and try to put my mind to it it's gone across the room one or two times I have taken up walking around Solihull park most mornings but the cold gets me we have a walk machine now so I have a go at that for about 5mins a day which about kills me also the grand children keep me going so life is not so bad but I wish I could do more these days so that's my moan over till next time I get feed up take care and be good ED

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i know the feeling

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Bring on the better weather eh ed, then I'll be moaning it's to hot and the pollen is getting to me, can't win can we πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ take care and hope U finish ur model xx Sonia xx


Hi Ed

Wrap up warmer and still try to get to the park...hard l know, but you will benifit so much from getting out in the daylight, both physically and mentally.

Do you have a car ? Then you could drive to the park and just get out for a 5 minute walk about....then back in the warm.

You will feel so much better for it, then you can settle down and finish that model .

You live in a nice part of the country....l come from near you...Ballsall Common.

It's a rotten time of the year...roll on the Summer....

Velvet xx


Hi ed im the same days seem so long when you cant get out because of the weather.im currently building a model of the bismark with grand kids.cant wait for some good weather to get out and about.dave


I can relate to how you feel - I think a lot of us can. My son got me a S.A.D lamp for Christmas so I do my computer stuff every day with bright light radiating around me! I think it certainly lifts my mood for the rest of the day but longing for the Spring and a little real sunshine.


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