Hi guys not been on for a while I was diagnosed copd and I am now on oxygen 24/7 but I am still getting out and enjoying life mainly thanks to wonderful friends and my determination, that's the good news but recently I went for scans and they found a tumour on my lung. I am having treatment at the moment , so many sessions of SABR it is an intense radiation treatment, I am very optimistic after talking to the doctor and the wonderful radiographers. I will keep you posted but if you want to ask me any questions I will answer if I can.

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  • Wishing you well, hope all goes ok, and the treatment is not two strenuous xxx

  • Thank you for comments xx

  • Pleased to see you have such great optimism and positivity which should serve you well in the coming weeks. Good luck to you. Xxx

  • Thank you for your reply xx

  • Scud I was struck by your lovely nature which shines through your post. I do hope that your treatment goes well, and that you will be able to report back good news on your condition

    Lots of love to you



  • good for you wish i could have some of your sparkle i hope all goes well for you xx

  • Positivity the best medicine. Hope all goes well. janx

  • What a wonderful positive attitude - I do hope the radiation treatment works on the tumour (just wondering why you went for the scans, which was very lucky). All very best wishes xx

  • I coughed up some blood went to Dr straight away, from then on it was various scans, consultants appointments etc had to wait for the radium for a while as it was not available in our area (it is now) i finished my last dose today and go back in 4-6 weeks for a follow up app.

    I am feeling really well today but there could be side effects I am told nothing to bad and they are only temporary but I will face them as and when.

    I will report back in a few weeks time, but if anyone wants to know more I will answer what I can

    Once again thank you so much for everyone's best wishes it does mean a lot xx

  • Good for you Scud for being so upbeat. If you do have low moments just remember we`re all sending you lots of positive thoughts and loads of love. Keep on feeling well, Sheila xx

  • Thank you Sheila it means a lot all the support you get on here xx

  • I hope all goes well Scud & that any side effects are minimal - love your attitude - please keep us updated xx

  • Thank you and I will keep you up dated on my progress x

  • Hi Scud

    Sorry to hear about the tumour. Hopefully the radiation will zap it out of existence! You sound good. I think having a positive outlook makes all the difference.

    Look after yourself. I too am on oxygen virtually 24/7 and try to get out as much as I can.

    Look after yourself


  • Hi Scud

    You are a most positive person. I envy you! I had a 11mm cancer removed 3 yrs ago. Stage 1. I was wondering what stage yours is, and if you will be having surgery. I wish you much luck.

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Hi Ruby l hope you are ok, did you have side effects from your treatment did you have an operation ? Hope you are doing well now T.C

  • Hi Sue

    Yes, I had an operation. They just removed a wedge.

    I'm doing okay. Can't complain. I wish you much luck , Sue

  • Hi Ruby, I was unable to have an operation as I am on oxygen 24/7 that is why I had what they call sabr It is a more intense kind of radiation, it was caught in the early stages as I coughed up blood and went to the Dr straight away. I am feeling very good at the moment. All the medical staff involved in my treatment from the consultants, radiographers and nurses have been brilliant. Will up date my post later on when I have my follow up.


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