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A subject so important to us. I've just skimmed the new government document covering their plans for NO2 reduction in the UK. It sets target levels to be achieved by 2020, clean air zones for some cities: Nottingham, Derby, Brum, Sheffield etc and vehicles totally non-polluting by 1050. Lots of stats too but very dry. Get it at:

On the same subject I've been trying to find out about hand held NO2 meters. They are damned expensive. Shouldn't BLF be campaigning to bring such tools within the reach of service users like us? I see them as essential and I suppose an application for a Personal Health Budget to buy one might be granted but the cost to the NHS could be potentially enormous.

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  • Hi Micox

    I live in Leicester, its air quality is one of the worst in the UK.

    I welcome any regulations that could improve it.

    The article contains very interesting reading.

    Can l ask you why you would find a nitrogen dioxide meter handy, we can't stop breathing if we find the levels high , or am l being thick and missing the point.

    You should be able to find out the levels from your council.

    Velvet xx

  • I was just going to ask the same question then see your reply , if its high out side we would have to completely seal out homes to not breath it in

  • Hi mm

    Then we would all die from carbon monoxide poisoning from our boilers and fires, can't win can we 😂xx

  • Hi. I'm lucky that I live in a village in rural Norfolk so although there are monitoring point in the city and one 3 miles away by a market town, they don't give us relevant levels. The air quality can change depending on the density of traffic passing through and aircraft activity. I try to be active in campaigning for disability rights across the board and a hand held meter would be useful to test the air quality at meetings venues and demos. If the pollution is bad, I'll come away from that venue. Simple, but I can understand that you're trapped where you are.

  • im Norfolk too ,thanks for the explanation I can now see why you want one .

  • Osbornes new VED tax scheme to be implemented next year actually penalises small greener vehicles by increasing the annual VED from £0-30 currently to £140 in future. That's hardly going to help air quality.

  • sounds about right for Osborne , but then I suppose the more the older cars come off the road the more they will put the tax up on the newer cars to make up the money they are losing ,

  • Hi warwickstag

    oh bum I didn't know that.

    I got a new car a few months ago with zero VED... I thought that will do for two and the fishing tackle !!

    Velvet xx

  • what car did you get , I though you would have a big van so you could take your recliner along too

  • Hi mm

    I like my comfort when l fish....l have a fold up fishing recliner.

    It fits in the boot ! 😂😂


  • You're ok Velvet. The legislation is not retrospective so you won't have to pay the higher rate. But future buyers won't have the same options available to them once the changes are implemented. Car manufacturers are up in arms after working for years to minimise emissions, Osborne can change the rules because his tax take has gone down.

  • Hi WS

    It's bloody madness !!


  • one designer dress a year should cover that velvet

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