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BLF leaflets and booklets.



Our Digital and Marketing Department are trying to find out how our health information gets to the people who need it so that we can make it even more accessible in the future.

It would be really useful for us to find out what is available at your local GP practice or Hospital clinic.

Is BLF information available there?

Do they have it on display for people to take or do they only give it out in consultations?

What type of information do they offer: short leaflets, booklets with more in-depth information, printouts from the internet?

What printed information did you receive from your clinic and how did you get it?

Any feedback or insight you can give us would be of great interest.



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Hi mark, I will check next time I go to see the respiratory nurse.

It must have been over 15 years ago since I picked up your leaflets when I was an inpatient at my local the time they were the only information I had.

My Breathe Easy club has your leaflets on display too.

Hi, Mark. My GP surgery has nothing at all, either on display or on request, and neither does my local hospital. When I asked at the hospital clinic about where I might access leaflets my consultant suggested I ask one of the nurses and when I did I was told I did not need any leaflets. I found this site (and sent for leaflets) by using Google to research COPD, as I had never heard of the BLF!

I've never seen any helpful leaflets at my doctor's surgery or hospital. All the information I have comes from your website. I found the website and HU while googling bronchiectasis.

PaMaBa in reply to Billiejean_2

I have never seen or been given anything from my GP's surgery. I have got all my info from the Breathe Easy group.

Hello Mark.

I'm a long term Bronchiectasis person.

My doctors surgery has no information displayed.

Will check at local hospital this week.

(Christchurch in Dorset).

I received information when I attended Pulmonary Rehab at the hospital. They were great. Referred me on to a follow up exercise class which is run by British Lung Foundation Instructor who is excellent.

Best Wishes Ann

At my hospital has all of your information

Hi Mark, about the BLF Leaflets, they are none at my Doctors surgery. I would take a blind bet that this will be the answer at over 50% of surgeries in the Kingston upon Thames area.

Hi Mark,

I was given no information on BLF when I was in hospital and none from my Dr or nurse. My son found this great site for me and I have done nothing but praise it to my Dr and nurse, I might had when I went for PR they knew all about BLF and encouraged me to tell the others in the class, but they wouldn't say anything this puzzled me to say the least because they agreed how good the site was


My doctor had a leaflet in her surgery but didn't offer it to me. I recommended BLF at my local Breatheasy group several times but no one seemed at all interested! x

My surgery does have leaflets and, apart from cancer, I am pretty certain there are no BLF leaflets. I have never been offered any literature by anybody at any time.

Hi Mark not much info when I was diagnosied in 1989, just given a booklet that covered all COPD , at that time I had asthma they then changed diagnosis to emphysema. Not much info at doctors apart from that. They now have info about Breath-easy classes. The best info has been from pulmonary re hab via a British lung foundation nurse. There is now info at the hospital clinic that I attend very six months. I live in the Milton Keynes area, hope this is some help to you.

Good morning Mark never seen any leaflets or have been offered any, hope this helps, thank-you

Good morning, Mark. I didn't see any leaflets at my GP surgery. I think there was one at the hospital where I went to get my heart checked. The most I've seen were at the Hanley Breatheasy group where I had a choice depending on my diagnosis - but by then I had already discovered the BLF website.

Should I order some to have at my Breathe Better Sing Together group?

Hello Mark my gp surgery has no leaflets from BLF. The chest clinic at the hospital has a variety of leaflets on various conditions around the lungs. However the physio dept has none, just lots from the arthritis association.

I have yet to see any of your leaflets, either at my GP surgery, or at the various hospitals I have been seen. Like many others, I found your website when I googled COPD. I will be visiting my local Breathe-Easy group for the first time next month so will be interesting to see if they have anything there.

Mark, it may just be easier for those of us who see places like their own Doctors surgery or indeed the hospitals they use and be armed with some copies of your booklets. Also if you gave us an insert for the receptionist to order future copies etc. Just a suggestion!

There were and still are no leaflets in the surgery on display.

I found all your information on line and you send me the information leaflets I wanted.

When I went to Pulmonary Rehab I was given a lot of information leaflets from BLF and computer printouts.

Thanks for all your fantastic work

The last time, a couple of days ago, I looked my GP Surgery had no BLF information on display. When I inquired in the past about a self management book they could only supply the loose leaves inside, I was told only hospitals issued the whole booklet.

Hi Mark, just seen a BLF poster on today's Doctors programme on BBC1...Thursday 21st

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