Off to see gp today

Seeing GP today to discuss spirometry results, ongoing back pain (my reason for going in the first place) and to seek an explanation as to why 4 different staff in the surgery have told me 4 different things! Will be particularly interested to hear what qualifies the receptionist to tell me over the phone that I have emphysema and then not follow up on her promise to have a doctor call me. Oh, and I still have back pain!!!!!!

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  • Good luck. Hope you get the answers you need.

    Your Receptionist is like mine. Sometimes wonder are they efficient or just nosey and full of self importance.


  • Or both!!!!

  • Good luck Mo let us know how you get on take care xx

  • good luck for today hope you get the answers to your questions

  • Hope it went well

  • I had a receptionist tell me my xray showed a mild infection not to worry. So the fact I was feeling worse did not seem right but thought I would go to the doctor anyway. 4 days later I was in and got an ear bending for not coming in earlier as I had pneumonia! Once I went straight back with what the receptionist said he shut up.

    Good luck with the visit.

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