All White In The Night

All White In The Night

It snowed during the night - not a lot but enough to give a light blanket. I still get excited at the sight of it and the best thing for me is if you are the first to walk on it, apart from little night creatures who visit the garden.

The smell is lovely isn't it, and not quite so piercingly cold as it was yesterday. Took a dose of Fostair, wrapped up warm and we were out for 7 o clock and had great walk, ours were the only footprints. Lots for the dog to sniff at and we never saw another soul for an hour. On our way home I saw a young man dressed only in T shirt and trousers leaning against the post office/cum newsagent window. I asked him if he was ok and he swayed happily, eyes closed, obviously still in the dream land he'd come from. He said he was waiting for a taxi so I suggested he go inside the shop to wait. Spoke to the chap in the shop who said he had rung for a taxi for him half an hour previously and he could not persuade him inside. I hope his taxi turned up and got him home safely.

My breathing is very good today, and I'm going to make leek, onion and potato soup for my dinner. Then I hope to finish the Birthday card I am making for my Daughter so she gets this one in time for her Birthday!

I hope your breathing is good today, are all warm and cosy, and looking forward to your dinner too.

Snow melting fast. This is an old pic of when I lived in Ironbridge in the 1960's - my Daughter and our then dog up on the wall. We used to get some good snowy winters in Shropshire.

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  • Lovely picture. When I lived in London there was a guy from South Africa who had never seen snow before. I can still remember his excitement one day at work when it snowed! x

  • Thankyou.

    That must have been a real shock for him, and a great pleasure for you to see his reaction:-)


  • Well I have remembered it all these years :) x

  • Hi Jennifer

    Lovely photo...l still get excited when l open the curtains and see the first day of snow every year, and can't wait to take the Grandchildren sledging.

    Ours is starting to melt already....Shame....

    Velvet xx

  • Hello Velvet,

    Thankyou - lots of happy memories in that photo!

    I can imagine how you love it and I bet your grandchildren are in a hurry for Gran to get the sledge out! Happy days...time for it to give us a decent snowfall yet. It very rarely sticks here - we are a mile or so from the sea.



  • Hi Jennifer

    The strangest time l have ever had in the snow was back in the 70's...

    Mr V and l had a month in Calgary Canada, close to the Rockies.

    We went horse riding for the day , high up in the mountains.

    It was summertime so we had T shirts and shorts was 90'F...but the ground was still covered in snow and ice....a surreal but wonderful experience, and breathtaking views.

    Happy days xx

  • What a great experience, something I bet you could never ever forget. All that space - snow and sun - surreal. You certainly keep these memories fresh in your heart don't you.

    When my late husband and I married in 1982, Norwegian friends took us on the Norway in a Nutshell trip for our honeymoon, and there we were, just like you, sunning and swimming in the pool in the mountains at Voss while the snow lay thick all around on the peaks.

    Happy Days indeed Velvet! xx

  • Hi Tee

    What a brilliant idea, why didn't l think of that. We could all get under my Sherpa fleece throw to keep out the cold, and have the time of our lives !!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  • she would never fall off think she has been super glued to that chair

  • Hi mm

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ very good and very true xx

  • What a very pretty picture,snow always looks nice on photographs.

  • Thankyou redted,

    That hill was very very steep - many cars would not use it even without snow....I'm pretty sure I could not walk up there now although we thought nothing of it at the time.!

  • Lovely photo and l now have snow envy. It has been cold today but no snow. All that talk of food has made me hungry.

    Take care and breathe well. Xxx

  • Oh sassy - it's all gone from here now so it was short and sweet. I hope you had something delicious for your dinner.

    You too take care and keep warm.


  • Just quiche but it was hot and tasty. Xxx

  • Hi Sassy

    Sorry if you are veggie...we had half a sheep !!..with a big roast...delicious !!


  • velvet was it like you when you had your nurses outfit mutton dressed as lamb

  • Maybe so mm

    But as Mr V said deliciously tender and tasty !!

    That's all that matters πŸ˜‚


  • Veggie moi?! Having roast chicken tonight Velvet. Yummy. Xxx πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰

  • Hi Sassy

    What time do you want us round


  • Say 6pm if that's ok with you Velvet. Xxx

  • OMG Sassy

    Just logged's 6.10pm...l've missed your dinner invite !!!!!!

    I am so sorry, l will have to come round another night...l am very partial to a nice steak when you are feeling generous.πŸ˜‚


  • Oh Velvet, you don't ask for much do you! Xxx πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜

  • Hi Sassy

    there is one other thing....l like it cooked medium xx πŸ˜‚

  • Duly noted Lady Velvet. Xxx πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ xx

  • I call that plain greedy..................heh heh......

  • Oye Jennifer

    A whole lamb is greedy !!

    Half a lamb is a healthy appetite.πŸ˜‚


  • heh heh Velvet....I remember when my sister got her first freezer - so excited - ordered a jointed lamb and made the butcher stand in her kitchen and show her where all the bits and pieces came from - she told him she was disappointed in him because he had only given her two legs......

    Jennifer xx

    I have another story about her pig, but I'll save it for later, because it makes me cry.

  • Hi Jennifer

    Hee hee...two legs xx

  • I like hot quiche. I'm sure it was lovely and tsasty.xx

  • I love snow too but we haven't had any this year. That early morning walk sounds magical and how amazing to have lungs good enough to be able to do it. Well done !

  • Hello Billiejean_2,

    Our snow has gone now - it never lasts long here. It's strange that I'm ok for our walk in the morning, it's the evening one that I sometimes find a bit of a B. We both walk slowly - him with his arthritis and me with copd.... I find a menthol sweet helps clear a passage for air.

    You keep warm and well.


  • Well I think it's amazing that you can walk for an hour and long may that continue. I'm sure it's the regular exercise that has helped you to maintain your lung function. I've been having a bad run since November and that plus the constant rain and damp means hardly any walking. I love walking and going out for a good long walk was always my solution to most problems. I hope to get back to walking again by the time the weather improves. I loved your description of the snowy walk and I hope that young man didn't die of exposure :)

  • I'd love to hear that you are back walking soon - the dark cold days of winter can be so depressing. Even if you can venture into the garden you see things beginning to stir - little green shoots lift the spirits, and once the blackbirds start to sing Spring cannot be far behind. I haven't been near the shop since yesterday but I will enquire about the young man. He was certainly not on this planet, and I think he may just have had a sore head later in the day! Hopefully that was all he had.

  • Hi Jennifer, what an exquisite picture, beautiful and atmospheric. Glad you had a lovely walk today. So good to be able to enjoy that. Take care :)

  • Thankyou 02Trees. It holds special memories of some happy times - it was a beautiful stone cottage with a lovely big garden...but despite having walls a couple of feet thick it was bitterly cold in the winter - no such thing as central heating or double glazing either in those days. Oh we woz tough! heh heh

  • Yep we woz! Remember scraping the frost of the inside of the window panes? Burning your knees in front of a fire while your back was frozen? Oh happy days :)

  • Of course - that was if the animals in the family didn't hog the hearthrug first!

  • Hi Tee

    I have made the adjustments needed to start the next new craze....Recliner Sledging and or Skiing.!!

    I have a feeling it will catch on very quickly, l have printed off the recliner conversion instructions for any member who like a copy.

    The advantage of this new craze is anyone with a recliner can take part, regardless of age, mobility, or fitness levels.

    It may become an Olympic Sport !!!

    Xx πŸ˜‚

  • Hi Tee

    I have incorporated two large unbreakable bottles , filled with my favourit tipple, in my design pre apres the side arms...l have also fitted a small engine so you can drive it back up the slopes with ease ready for the next run.

    Anymore ideas would be welcome πŸ˜‚


  • Hi Tee

    Yeh why not but only a good looking one, he needn't instruct...he could drive so l can really enjoy the recliner skiing experience.


  • Thankyou Tee....I loved it there. Just checking the forecast - no sign of further snowfall for us in the near future, but things are stirring in the garden and under the hedgerows.

    Jennifer x

  • Don't be sad - we may get more sometime:-)

  • we stayed at our friends on the cambs/beds border Saturday night they had a couple of inches of snow dawn was disappointed when I pointed out if we had got snow in Norfolk that our friend who lets the dogs out for us would be the first one to see jets reaction in the snow as he was born in march he has never seen snow but on the way home by time we got nearly to Cambridge there wasn't any snow and wasn't any in Norfolk hope we do get a little this year so can see what jet thinks to it ,

  • lovely to see them playing in it , the old lab we had put down would only play in it if he didn't think you was looking , let him out and he would just plod around in it soon as you shut the door and looked out the window he was running round throwing it up with his feet as soon as he herd the door open he stopped and plodded about again

  • probably he was a miserable one never really wanted to go for walks only happy if it involved food or sleeping when we use to cook a roast he would lay near the cooker till it was done peering through the glass door watching the meat cook

  • Hi Tee

    Poor lad Did you not have a telly ??


  • Aerodynamics! What a clever Son you have. He was already a thinker.


  • Hi Tee

    What a clever chap.

    I wonder what OFSTED would make of that teaching method. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  • Hi Tee

    πŸ˜‚what do they know, they are on another planet to us !! πŸ˜‚

  • Oh what a picture!!!!!!!!!! Sounds about right for a Lab:-)

  • Hi mm

    I had a lab who used to love it when l made snowballs for him to catch....he used to go crazy racing around the garden after they broke up in his mouth...but he always came back for more.


  • Oh you will have to wait for next snowfall now - but it will be worth the wait to see the absolute joy and exhilaration the white stuff brings to Jet. Don't forget to send us a pic!

  • I know Iron bridge very well

  • Good morning, You know then what special place it is. I moved there in 1963 and loved every moment of my life in Shropshire. We were made so welcome by everyone. I am still in contact with friends from both sides of the river.

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