Endobronchial Valve Placement

Hi I recently had the above procedure at King,s Mill Hospital, Mansfield. as part of a study. THIS PROCEDURE HAS IMPROVED MY BREATHING UNBELIEVABLY I am of course waiting for further tests to measure its success on a more formal basis but from my personal point of view I feel so much better and can walk so much further and enjoy life again.

May I again thank all the nurses, doctors and other staff at King,s Mill for their care expertise and kindness.

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  • Hey that sounds amazing! Very happy for you.

  • Great news. A neighbour has had this op. They had to adjust it, but is now all set for a good recovery, and like you found a dramatic difference immediately.

    K x

  • Fab news xxx

  • That's brilliant, you must feel so happy.

    Thanks for letting us know, it gives people hope. I wish you the best for the future xx

  • Great news that the valves are working for you. There isn't enough information available on these valves and in particular there is very little follow up news so it's good to hear from you. When you're ready would you mind walking us through the lead up to the procedure and did you have any problems directly after the procedure?

    In Australia not much is happening with the valves. One respiratory physician thinks I would be a good candidate but until our doctors have some experience in the placement of the valves I'm not planning on taking it any further.

    Would you be kind enough to keep us posted on how you are doing as you go along?

  • That is really good to hear. I hope you will come back and post once you have had a spirometry or PFT and give us your before and after numbers, but if you are able to breath much better and have a better exercise tolerance that is very good news. I hope you maintain the improvements longer term.

  • Totally thrilled for you, hope all continues to go well for you 😊

  • Thank you Going good at moment

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