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Difficulty breathing

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Hi All!

I haven't written in a while (possibly a good thing) I hope you are keeping well.

My Mum is struggling with her COPD at the moment. She has had an infection since before Christmas. The Dr did a lung function test and said it was "Compromising" whatever that means. She gave her antibiotics and steroids but they dont seemed to have worked. She is still breathless, not sleeping and just wants to stay in bed.

Has anyone else had a nasty infection that they just can't shift? She suffers with anxiety and sometimes its difficult to differentiate between whether its anxiety thats causing her breathlessness or her condition.

Any info or advice would be great, thank you.

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Hi Kim, so sorry to hear about your Mum.

There's been a lot of members recently who have had chest infections that just won't go away.

As long as your Mum is taking her meds. she should improve.

If you could persuade her to get up, even for short periods of time, I'm sure she'd feel the benefit.

A change of scenery for her, a freshen up eating small meals, fruit, drinking lots, should all help her get over the infection.

If in doubt about her, don't hesitate to get in touch with her GP.

She's lucky to have you taking such good care of her.

Hope she feels better soon 💐

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Kim8060 in reply to Jessy11

Thank you!

She says that lying down helps her feel better. I think her GP is useless, palm her off with antibiotics that are cheap and don't think about reviewing her meds.

She got discharged by the hospital a year ago because they felt her COPD wasn't bad enough but I think she would feel better if she went back to him for reassurance and expert advice.

Thank you for you reply.

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Jessy11 in reply to Kim8060

Hi, she could lie on the sofa for a wee while. Even getting up for a short time, keeping mobile & upright for short spells will help.

I think this would help as much for her breathing as it does for her state of mind.

I think you should take her to see her GP for advice.

Hope you see an improvement soon 🌺

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Kim8060 in reply to Jessy11

Yes thank you. She has an appointment on Wednesday because the GP wanted to see whether her infection had cleared up. I will go with her. She was also going to have another lung function test.

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Jessy11 in reply to Kim8060

Yes Kim, good idea to go with her. The lung function test will give you an idea how your Mum is, although if she's still got an infection, the readings me get not be as accurate.

Let us know how you get on at the doctors on Wednesday 🌷

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Kim8060 in reply to Jessy11

Will do and thank you again for your advice. X

in reply to Jessy11

That's a lovely reply Jessy Bev xx

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Jessy11 in reply to

Hi Bev, thanks for your kind words. I just know when I'm feeling unwell, it's very easy to lie in bed all the time. When actually it's much better to get up even for a short time.

It won't do your infection any harm getting out of bed & it will do your frame of mind a great deal of help.

Hope you're feeling ok today.

The weather here was lovely this morning but it's raining now & dull.

I have 1 grandaughter & 1 grandson here playing & keeping me busy. They both stayed for a sleepover last night. I've got a feeling they'll want to stay again tonight!

Take care 🌻

Yes I am thanks Jessy. Mind you I got a shock when I got back in around 1 hour ago and my sats showed 86! They went back up to early 90's after around 20 minutes though. Maybe my oxymeter is wrong? I feel ok though thanks. Think I might have to stop using it :O

How are you? Ok I hope. Bev xx

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Jessy11 in reply to

Hi Bev, I think you can get too dependent on the oximeter.

I just use mine when I've got an infection & I feel my breathing harder than usual.

If you feel ok & can get on with your life, your oxygen levels must be within normal range.

Sats of 86 /90 are quite low but maybe normal for you. Mine are 98/99.

Have a good day 🌻

Hi Jessy sats like that are not normal for me as they are more often in the early to mid 90's which is why I am a bit concerned. I don't expect them to be that low with a lung function of mid 70's and they shouldn't be either.

So either they are jumping about all over the place or my oxymeter has gone faulty :O I choose the latter I guess :) Bev xx

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Jessy11 in reply to

Hi Bev, how about changing the batteries in your oximeter? Then take a reading. If it's still showing a low number maybe you should go for a check up.

Hope you keep ok 💐

in reply to Jessy11

Yes have thought of this Jessy and have now definitely decided to change the battery and see what happens. Thanks.

I have my annual review on 8th Feb so will mention it there. Bev x

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Jessy11 in reply to

Great idea Bev! I don't feel it's fair for you to worry about your sats, when a new battery could give you peace of mind.

Horrible night here now. It's sleety rain! Ugh! Not going anywhere! Going to see what's on TV. 🌹

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