how can I avoid a cold going onto my chest?

Got my spirometer test 04.02.16 for diagnosis. Been cleaning everything at work as colds etc going round and will have to wait another 6 weeks if I get a chest infection again. I've been really careful, now my husband has come home coughing and spluttering :( woke up this morning with that "feeling" and normally this just goes straight to a chest infection for me and I'm just desperate to get this test out of the way and deal with whatever is going on.

Any tips please?

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  • Hi there. I really hope you haven't picked up that cold. Keep us posted. Im waiting for spirometry on 10th. On antibiotics and steroids to clear up this last awful bout. All the best.

  • my doctor won't test until 6 weeks after a chesty cough and steroids as the steroids can mask the test results. I figure whatever the results are I can benefit from exercise and healthier eating so have started this already but just need to get the diagnosis out of the way and then move on with my life in the best way for me :)

    p.s just had a bloody coughing session, damn, damn and damn again grrr!

  • Vicks first defence nasal spray has helped my husband not develop colds. Hope you don't get it xxx

  • thanks for that information will go and buy some tomorrow hope that helps with me as i seem to pick up the cold/flu virus so easy :)

  • Hi Diesel. I rinse my sinuses out with saline by snorting a solution of salt and water up my nostrils, and I gargle with mouthwash (antiseptic, or TCP diluted with water, or saline solution), and I take Echinacea tablets. Like you I wash my hands a lot, I avoid handling door handles, etc, and I avoid touching my face with my hands, especially the inner corners of my eyes. These have all helped me avoid having a cold setting in after I had the first signs, in addition to Vick's First Defence, and Cold and Flu Block.

  • I endorse all of the above - nasal rinse, not touching face when out, hand washing and especially First Defence. I use it as a preventive too - if I'm going to the surgery or travelling on public transport or going into crowded areas eg shopping centres, theatre. There is good evidence that it works (I read that you can get the same result from covering the inside of the nostrils in vaseline. The key thing is that there is no warm moist atmosphere to make a cosy home for bacteria).

    If a cold still starts I use First Defence immediately as directed, 4 times a day. I also take echinacea. Between them it's miraculous that often those early symptoms just go away.

    One other thing, recommended by my consultant who is also a herbalist at what used to be called the Royal Homeopathic Hospital in London. (Now called Hospital for Integrated Medicine): raw garlic, a clove or two. Chop up and leave to stand for 10 mins. Then eat (I mix with mayonnaise to make ailoi. He says to take daily. I have been doing this for 2 months. I don't know if this has kept my chest clear of infection or I've just been lucky. (My husband is not so lucky - I must smell terrible!). My consultant claims garlic is active against the pseudomonas bacteria and is generally good for the chest.

  • thanks guys I'll get some first defence. It does seem to have come to anything although have been sleeping a lot. I work in an air con office with about 200 people so there are colds and coughs all over but I have pretty good employers who know the situation and are allowing me to avoid cold sufferers and provided anti bac wipes and hand gel. I just want to get this out of the way now.

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