Out Of Puff

I didn't realise how badly the sofa bed mattress needed replacing until I tried it out when I was making the bed up for my Daughter's stay at Christmas. The springs were in a bad way, so after her stay I rolled it up and tied it with string, and got another mattress. Stepdaughter was to take the old one away, and I got fed up waiting, so tied it to the garden trolley and set off for the Council Recycling unit....by the time I was half way there I was completely out of puff and could not bring myself to come back home, and had to keep stopping and pretending to blow my nose so no-one would ask me if I wanted help. Was I glad to get there, and luckily it was just about ten o clock and time for the gates to be unlocked, so I was at least ahead of a long queue of traffic. A nice gentleman helped me untie and tip the thing into a big skip, and on my way off site, a friend and her husband drew up, put the trolley in the back of their car and gave me a lift home. I was so relieved to be back. My daughter had warned me not to take it and said to wait until she came again, but I thought I was ok to do it. I'm sitting here now very upset - I thought I was invincible and I'm not, and Merlin wants his dinner, and I'm feeling pretty rubbish, angry and sorry for myself. One good thing - it looks like snow . Sorry everyone - there are so many of you who are really poorly and never complain. It's not like me to be like this. I have had a shock.


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  • Hi jennifer it's awful when you have to rely on other people to do things for us hope you are feeling better soon. Dose your council not have a bulk up lift I phoned my council when I was getting rid of my sofa and they came into me house and picked it up for me because there was no way I would of been able to lift it even with help take care xx

  • Thankyou Amanda. I feel much better for getting it off my chest so to speak!

    My Council has a scheme to take stuff away but there is a charge. If push had come to shove I suppose I could have telephoned them. I was just feeling a bit nowty over my step daughter's non appearance.

    Thankyou for caring.


  • I know the feeling. Good to have a good rant now and again take care xx

  • I wsill Amanda. and thankyou for your support.


  • Well I hope you have recovered by now Jennifer. ..I am sorry but I was smiling a bit reading throgh your post...I could see my mother doing something like that when one of us let her down. (Not me)

    She is 91 now and still independent (stubborn) but then she did bring up 6 children on her own.

    Love andyxx.

  • heh heh...yes of course, and smile away:-) Your mother sounds a strong, feisty and amazing woman. 6 children single handed. She has my admiration. You must all be very proud of her. I've had to be tough for many reasons, but I love life. This was just a stupid hiccup and I am ashamed of bothering HU with it.

    Jennifer xx

  • Sounds like my Mum too,she would only ask for help once,she would not beg,so then did it herself or paid for someone's help. Got to admit I am the same,not a bad trait though.

  • I only ask once and that is if I feel I have no alternative at the time, but hey ho. The day is done and I've had some lovely responses.

    I appreciate you all:-)

  • Dear Jennifer, I do hope you feel better now. In your head you could do it, and you did but it can be scary to feel so out of control. Pete often feels the same way and wishes he could do things like he used to. He has to sit down on the bench in the garden if he has walked to the garage and back. Don't be upset and try and just take things a bit easier that's all. Pace yourself and don't overdo things. You are doing brilliantly really and don't you forget that. Hope your daughter doesn't tell you off.

    Lots of love and hugs, Carole xxxx

  • Hello Carole,

    A big thankyou for your support and kind words. I understand what you say in that your husband finds it hard going with things that he once took for granted. If he is like me he will feel guilty that he cannot do what he used to. He is very lucky to have such an understanding and caring wife. Life is a b . sometimes.

    'm fine now and looking forward to getting back into my gardening once the water has subsided. Spoke to my Daughter and yes, she was cross but I know it is because she is not near me. Time to get on my bike now - Emmerdale is on in a minute so I can time it. Sad aren't I...heh heh

    Thanks again, love Jennifer.x

  • I and Pete completely understand how you feel. Enjoy the weekend and take care. Xxx 😄

  • Thank you both, and you too:-)

    Jennifer xx

  • Hi Jennifer well done anyway for doing it. I know exactly what you mean as I will set off to go somewhere usually at a good pace, then after a few minutes I start going slower and slower. It then knackers me up for ages afterwards. x

  • Thankyou coughalot for your support. Exactly right too. We are all in the same boat, some of us fore and some aft. I'd like to be in the crow's nest so I can see land first. A decent pilot would be good to see us into safe harbour.

    thanks again



  • It is the loss of independence and control that gets to me, plus getting fed up with falling over things that should have been taken away weeks ago!

  • You have hit the nail on the head.............................apart from falling over things - is there no-one who can pick things up for you?

  • Oh yes but only when it suits them time wise and I get fed up and push which is always counter productive!

  • Grrr...I understand. They need to put them selves in your place for a day.

    Have a good evening.

  • You not a lone there is a lot of us on here that thing we can still do things and maybe do it but regrets it after we done it just say you could not. Stand to look at it anymore

  • Thankyou David12 for your encouraging words. I believe you have the right attitude! I've always believed that if something needs doing, it needs to be done now. Maybe I need to learn a bit of patience.

    Thankyou again.

  • it happens to us all sometimes, think my worse thing is if the lawnmower wont start on first couple of pulls then im on my knees trying to get my breath back to breathless to swear at the mower , it use to be the boys calling me to start it for them now its the other way round ,

  • That is hard work - alike to using the starting handle on a car. Your comment about your boys makes me smile. Sounds about right!

  • Knowing your limits is good but pushing them now and again is not bad. Do not think you are wrong in any way, was worth a try and it did not end that bad after all.

    Be Well

  • Thanks for that offcut - the voice of common sense... I certainly pushed it but then I think we are all the same not wanting to have limitations.

  • I used to ask my husband to do things for me he would say he would do it tomorrow. Tomorrow never came same with my daughter quicker doing things at our own pace

  • I completely understand. We are used to doing things for ourselves and how and when we want. I know things will get done but I still want them doing now by me, and then I know they will be done right.

    We are all the same. heh heh

  • I am the same I hate having to ask someone else to do things for me

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