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It can inprove

For two weeks I was filled with snot I could not get it up. Then it got better. Next day Dr gave me methylprednisone and so antibiotic. So true, never too late for exercise to help. You can stay as long as you care to. My assured lived to almost 100. I'm getting a nebulizer too, I have an oxygen concentrated machine I only use for sex. I'm 68. Wife hates me every two three weeks. Not leaving for awhile. 30 percent function. I heard you can live with 6 percent. Good luck.

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Hi, good for you paintbusters. This will be really uplifting for any others with your lung function (I feel so lucky that mine is mostly good).

You were probably joking about your wife hating you, in case you weren't, can you not make it more pleasurable for your wife so she loves you more?

Very best wishes, Peege


TMI but Good luck to you too.


Excuse me!!!


That's the attitude. Positive thinking always wins. I'm glad you say you are on the mend with your cold so make sure you keep warm in this weather.


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