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Hi all, I don't often post but have been viewing for several years, and find it very useful.

This week I went to Bristol Royal Infirmary for the first stage of trials for Lung valves. The worst part of all was the frustration about parking. Has anyone else had this problem with disabled parking? It made me so stressed out that I could hardly breathe. In fact it was worse than all the worry about scans and radio-active injections! Think next visit I will have to park somewhere else and get a taxi. But after a 50 mile trip it is rather wearing. Never will I complain about my local hospital which has about 40 disabled car parking spaces compared to BRI which has 5 very difficult to access spaces.

Has anyone got any other suggestions to avoid this breath-taking worry?

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  • Think best bet is park somewhere easy and get taxi to the door! More expensive but lot less stressful! Do keep us informed about trial for lung valves, as many will be interested.

  • Hi Kris

    What a pain parking is.

    Our hospital at Glenfield let's you park in the normal bays for free as long as you display your blue badge...they then have a little shuttle, a bit like a golf buggy, manned by volunteers, which will take you to the hospital entrance, you can book this by phone when you arrive. May be worth checking to see if Bristol have any similar schemes.

    If not, its as you say, parking away from the hospital and getting a taxi .

    Stressful after a long drive, but it maybe easier than parking at the hospital.

    Don't worry about your scans and radioactive injections, l don't know if you have ever had the jab, but it's painless.

    I underwent the procedure on Christmas Eve with no problems, l have another next week.

    You have to drink loads of fluids afterward to flush it out of your system, and you mustn't be in contact with small children and babies until the following day.

    Good luck with your scans and parking.

    Velvet xx

  • Is there a park n ride bus that goes near the hospital? If not then your taxi idea is your best stress free option. Good luck next time. P

  • Thanks for all the helpful replies. The ordinary parking is not near enough for me to walk. Found out there is a charity shuttle but not sure where they stop. Will have to give them a ring.

    The scans were completed OK, as you said, it didn't hurt at all. The worst part was the mask over the face for 17 minutes, so I just concentrated hard on something else. Now have to go back in a fortnight for more tests and results. Fingers crossed!

  • Our local hospital has transport for the disabled we just ring a few days before to book it part of ambulance service also volunteers use their own cars

  • The disabled parking is an absolute disgrace in Aintree hospital Liverpool.There is some available at the front,but it is like the new lottery if you manage to get A place it is for three hours.but if not you have to go around the back ,pay &walk to your appointment.This is of great use to the hospital as heart patiants having to walk so far will possibly snuff it & be removed from the waiting lists,so the hospital reaches its targets.Near the front of the hospital is a Taxi rank why not make that into disabled bays,I would love get the management tape a biro top in their mouths,with a fracture in your foot & make them park around the back then have to walk to the clinics.

  • What a stressful nightmare you have had. I used to live in Bristol and now am in Somerset. Depending upon where you live have you considered 'park and ride' and maybe a taxi for the last little bit. Ali (whose husband has severe COPD)

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