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I have copd 2 and just done a peak flow meter reading which said 250. I have a chest infection at the moment which I have Doxycycline for. I was having breathing problems the other night so had to go to our local walk-in-centre. I haven't done a reading for a while so, don't know if it would have been any different if I didn't have the chest infection. On a plus side I had another spirometry test done a few weeks and I have gone from being 99% in January last year to 92% this year.

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  • I would say a reading of 250 with a chest infection was good mine I usually under 100 if I have a chest infection sat rate between 88 and 92 is normal for someone with COPD mine is usually 93

  • That's good then. I don't feel good, but as I said I haven't done one in ages and just wondered. Nice to know though thank you again.

  • Hi Gillian, I have asthma/ normal peak flow reading is 330, used to be 450 when I was well, but it will drop lower if I have an exacerbation.

    The peak flow reading depends too on your height and age and sex.

    I hope the antibiotic starts to work soon, and if you feel no better I would advise you to go back to your GP.

    Best wishes

  • I didn't go to the GPs, I went to emergency doctor as couldn't breathe, bloods tomorrow with nurse tomorrow and then have to see go next week for results unless he asks to see me tomorrow. He's quite a good doctor really. Thank you I hope the antibiotics work soon so, much disgusting things coming out and at least neck swelling is going down.

  • I think things sound about right with your infection lung test can varies from different times of day and from day to day 92% is a good reading lots on here that are under 20% , I think my last one was around 56% , hope your antibiotics kick in soon and you start to feel better , take care

  • Thank you me too and forgot to ask for spirometry test results last time.

  • Sounds like you are doing well. Good luck :)

  • Thank you. You too.

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