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Hi all this is my first post on here so bear with me.

I was diagnosed with Emphesema some 20yrs ago. I also have a few other health issues,but none that causes me as much trouble as my Stomack,I'll explain.

I was diagnosed with IBS!!! So having Emphesema I was always told to have emergency antibiotics in my medicine cupboard .About 7yrs ago I had a severe chest infection,that I had no sighns of until I couldn't breath,and I passed out,I was on a life support and my family was told I may not see the night through,well obviously I did,but I had no idea I had a chest infection,since then my GP gave me a nurse I could call if I ever felt unwell again. Well touch wood I've been alright since then until now.

Yesterday I feel I have a slight chest infection ,I do have a GP appointment this afternoon which I know will be a waste of time ,because my GP of 15yrs has retired.

I'm just wondering if anyone can give me the name of an anti biotic that will help my chest ,but not irritate my Tum,because the average ones like Amoxicillin give my Tum hell. God I am in such a predicament . I never know what to do for the best. I don't want to end up in Hostpital again,yet I don't feel to bad,if it wasn't for Emphesema I wouldn't bother with the GP. Any suggestions will be welcolme .

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If you hand in a sputum sample that will tell the GP what antibiotic to use amoxicillin is one of the cheapest antibiotics so they use that all the time hope you get some thing sorted out take care


I have had different antibiotics - I have emphysema and Bronchiectasis. They all worked at various levels...I also took steroids for 10 days. I have them as emergency medicine. I must urge you to go to your doctor the minute you feel you might have an infection....if you don't catch it early you will have trouble!! Be safe rather than sorry. I passed out in the waiting room for the same reason, so I never leave it too late any more. I have used Amoxyciliin but got such bad thrush had to stop. Then Co-Amoxiclav which does the trick. I have also had Doxcycline....we are all unique and we need to double check with our doctors and nurses. At least that's my opinion. Good luck :)


Welcome to our forum Gemini.

You really must see your GP if you feel you have the start of an infection. The quicker you start a course of abs & Prednisolone the better.

You should also ask your GP for an emergency pack to keep at home. That way you have the abs to take immediately you feel unwell.

It shouldn't be a waste of time you going to the surgery. Although your usual doctor has retired, I'm sure there will be another one quite experienced enough to advise you.

It's a very frightening experience being on life support. I know, having collapsed a year ago with no signs of an infection. I was airlifted & had a tracheostomy & spent 3 months in hospital.

Since then, last Oct, I felt really unwell & my daughter phoned an ambulance. I was admitted to hospital for 5 days & I was on IV abs & fluids.

My point here being, the quicker you act when you have an infection, the better.

I was taking Amoxicillin as it works fine for me & I was also given Clarithromycin.

Please go to your GP & take his advice. You will not regret it.

Hope you feel better soon & let us know how you get on 💐


jessy so was it an infection that made you collapse , do you have emphysema ,

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Malcolm, yes I have emphysema & it was an infection I had. I was working on Christmas Eve 2014, came home & felt exhausted but not ill. Christmas Day I went through the motions but didn't feel too great. Same for Boxing Day. On the 27th Dec I got up, told one of my daughters that I couldn't breathe & I needed abs. She phoned an ambulance & I don't remember anything after that till a couple of weeks later. I was airlifted with Pneumonia & full body Sepsis. Consultant said it was touch & go for me so it was a frightening experience for my family. They put in a tracheostomy & I was in ICU for 3 months. Had to be tube fed & sedated for a while. I never want to go through that again. So now if I feel the slightest symptoms of an infection I start my rescue pack immediately. That's my story, sorry for going on! 😀


just read up on sepsis sound like you was very lucky , I know its easy for us to get pneumonia but I though you would have felt a lot rougher than you did before you collapsed , so was that when you found of about the emphysema or was you diagnosed before that , I can see now why its so important to start the antibiotics as soon as possible ,

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Malcolm, I knew I had emphysema. I was diagnosed about 8 years ago. Until I was hospitalised I was working & running the home. Since I was discharged last April I've had to work on my mobility because I was lying on a hospital bed for 3 months. I do get more breathless than I used to if I exert myself but it's walking far that causes me the most trouble. It's vital if you think you're coming down with an infection, to start the abs straight away. 😀


Thank you all for taking the time to reply to me.

I haven't got a problem taking antibiotics or steroids,but I have pain in my Stomack all day every day,and Amoxicillin and steroids,absolutely kill me,and I just wondered if anyone knew of an antibiotic that's a bit kinder on my Stomack .


Maybe there is an antibiotic that is coated to protect your stomach I take a tablet for my psoriatic arthritis that is coated to protect the stomach ask your GP


I don't know of one Gemini - what I have personally found, and have heard from many others, including GPs etc, is that ABs and steroids make the stomach much more acid. So i can imagine that if your stomach is already giving you problems, they could make it worse. Sometimes reflux medication is prescribed just the time that the ABs and steroids are taken. So you could ask your new GP when you see him/her.


hi there if your suffering from a chest infection your better of see the doctor for the right medication, you just can't get Antibiotics just like that, i would make sure that your doctor knows all about your past health, or you can call 111 or do a google search to see if there is anything that would be ok with you. i know its not nice but the right way is the best way. take care hope you feel better soon Alan


Thank you all, I have just seen my GP,and he says my chest is quite clear,so give it a day or two and if it gets any worse I'll have to go on Amoxicillin ,so for the time being I'll stick with warm honey and lemon water,and steam, and hopefully I'll be all right.

If not it will have to be antibiotics. But thank you all.😄


hi welcome to the site ,not quite the same thing but when I was on anti-inflammatories the doctor gave me a pill that kind of lined the stomach so I could take them for a long time , also make sure you have proper food with the anti biotic


Hi All, I just thought I would update you,firstly Alan if you suffer with any type of COPD,my case Emphesema you are allowed to have an emergency pack in your medicine cabinet to take imediately you feel you have a chest infection.

I don't know about anyone else but I also have a back up of nurses,day or night.

I gave them a ring this morning,because I have now got a cold,I explained my problem with my Tum,and she said,when you get a cold,the problem being when you sleep,the mucus goes down your throat and lies in your lungs,so when you get up in a morning and cough up its useually yellow or green because it's been lieing there. But as the day goes on if it turns white,I should be ok.

She suggested,steam inhale,Manuka honey,which is antibiotic,and fresh lemon mixed with water.I also have a sea water nasal spray,that washes your sinuses and stops infection,and if all fails go on my Amoxicillin ,and I have a back up of nurses night or day that can give me steroids,or a Nebuliser. So I'm quite lucky I have a lot of back up.

I have managed to avoid a cold or chest infection for the last 7-8yrs since I almost lost my life. I'm no idiot if I need my antibiotics I'll take them. But I suffer severe Stomack pain daily,and I just didn't want to make it any worse if I can avoid it.

I am only just copeing with my Stomack pain so I think with antibiotics I'll end up in Hostpital anyway.

I hope that's cleared a few things up. And jessi,my hubby has not long since got over Sepcis, how did you get it ?


Hi Gemini 71 I have only just read your post and the replies you have received. I notice everyone has commented on your emphysema but I would like to try n help you with your ISB. I am 68 and was diagnosed with emphysema over 20 years ago. I have suffered from IBS since I was 11 years old and have tried every medication or dietary recommends which I'm sure you have but nothing seems to have worked. About 2/3 years ago I watch a TV programme about a new diet called the FODMAP diet it sounded good but quite complicated. However not long after that I was again talking to my GP (who is excellent) about my IBS and she mentioned it she looked in one of her medical books and copied some of the pages for me. Research shows that some carbohydrates can irritate the bowel and contribute to the symptoms of IBS. These carbohydrates are called Fermantable Oligo-saccharides Di-saccharides Mono-saccharides and Polyols otherwise known as FODMAP.

When I got home I read what she had given me and then went onto the Internet to see what I coul find. Please look up here your will find information on what FODMAP are and also a FODMAP food list. What I found was that I was eating many of the foods which were on the high FODMAP food list. For around 18months I have tried to stick to mainly the low FODMAP foods and I have to say my IBS is better than it has ever been. I have always suffered with very soft stools/diarrhoea with terrible stomach cramps this is very much better. Also in the last few months I have been taking 2 codipar pain killers in the mornings for a neck problem and I am sure these have helped by IBS too. It may be useful for you to check this out with a view to it helping you IBS which in turn will help you when taking antibiotics.

Good luck.


Hi barbs,Thank you so much for even giving me any thought.

I was diagnosed with IBS about 12yrs ago,which over time has changed,to much to go into,but the way it stands at the moment is I'm in constant pain daily. I don't have C and I don't have D but I do go to the toilet after every time I eat,each time I go the pain increases,at the moment the pain is just about bearable. Over the past 12yrs I've had at least 6-7 Gastrologists,I've travelled to 3-4different cities,I've had every test possible,and I was once put on the Fodmap diet,which I was told to strictly stick to for at least 8wks,to see if I improved.Well to be honest it made no difference at all,in fact by the end of the 8wks I felt really ill. I've also tried hypnotherapy.

At the moment my now Gastrologist is going down the road of a trapped nerve,but I don't think that's the problem either ,but it's worth a try.

If you read my profile I have multiple health problems,but I can handle them all,but this "IBS" as at the moment I have to except it is,has absolutely ruined mine and my hubby's life,it's the one thing I'm struggling to cope with.

My latest problem being my now GP who is useless,thinks I may have a prolapse bowel,and that's without even examining me,so he's sent me off to see another Colectrecal specialist,which isn't until March.

So you can now see my delema barbs,but I will read the link you put on,and I can't thank you enough for at least giving me some thought.

You take care.x


Hi Gemini 71 your very welcome I really hope someone can help you with your problems. Keep us posted on how you go. We re here if you just want to chat.


Hi barbs,Have you tried Symprove ,I did once start a course but I didn't feel well so I never really give it a go.

At the moment I'm experimenting with Kefir water.

I do think in my case anyway the course of my IBS could have somthing to do with to many antibiotics and steroids.


Hi Gemini no I haven't tried either of these. I have to say at the moment what I'm doing with the FODMAPs seems to be working so I'll stick with it for the time being. At the moment my biggest problem is my breathing which has been terrible since the severe chest infection which put me in hospital last October. I'm trying to sort out what I can do about that.

I have made a note of both of the things you mentioned so if my IBS flares up I will give them a try thanks for passing the info on.


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