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Help for people claiming PIP


I received the following from a friend today.

"I’ve just come across a really good site for information about disability benefits - for instance they offer a beautifully clear checklist showing how assessments for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) assessments are carried out that will help anyone undergoing assessment by whatever version of ATOS / G4S is currently doing them. The PIP info was free, but you can also subscribe for £20 pa and get access to all their benefits guides.

“At a time when most politicians seem proud to treat sick and disabled claimants with harshness and suspicion, independent and accurate information about how to claim and keep your benefits is vitally important” ….

This is someone Ive known a long time - she a health activist with Politics of Health Group and has brought up a child with cerebral palsy, so she knows what she's talking about. Hope its helpful.

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You need to be a member to full access to all their PIP guides including form completion , appeals etc .

It really is a valuable site and well worth the subscription fee.

O2Trees in reply to stone-UK

As above Stone, much of the PIP info is free and so useful to know what the criteria is when you're being assessed.

Im too old to claim it unfortunately.

mmzetor in reply to O2Trees

i expect you know but you should be able to apply for attendance allowance , unless they have changed it ,


Hi I am a member really good site.

O2Trees in reply to Hidden

Id never heard of it Amanda.


I only found it when I was looking for help to apply for pip

I am not a member but have just accessed the site and done a PIP self-test. Excellent site.

I joined some time ago and during my PIP assessment it was really useful.

The most useful piece of advice was, when asked during the assessment to do something, ask yourself (before doing it) will it hurt me?

If yes then politely refuse explaining why and if no then go ahead and do it. I was asked to touch my toes, stand on one leg ect - all of which I can do BUT if I do then it will take 1 - 2 days to recover and many pain killers, I explained why I wouldn't do it and my comments were noted.

A few days later they actually increased my payments!

Money well spent in my case!

really good site I subscribed to it a couple of years ago when I had a lot of forms to fill in , lots of really good advice .

Thank you so much 02 for this link.

love cx

What a coincidence, my friend sent me that a few hours ago. Its very informative

I'm confused, had a quick look on the site and I gather you have to pay £19.95 for a years subscription to a site which just guides you to the relevant information which is already freely available on the net, is that right?.

O2Trees in reply to romfty

Maybe so romfty. As I can't claim PIP myself, I haven't checked it out thoroughly. If you read my post again, you'll see that my friend has stated that PIP info is free. If that's wrong, then apologies - I just received it and thought it might be helpful to pass it on. People here seem to be saying its a good site, but if its not useful to you then so be it. The question for me if i was claiming would be, could i access that info on my own? Sometimes things are hidden away and/or very confusing. Apparently this PIP checklist is very good.

Hidden in reply to romfty

Hi I have joined there is a members section it tell you how to answer each question using the right words and also tell you how to appeal if you were turned down that is what you are paying for

O2Trees in reply to Hidden

Good to hear Amanda. Though I suppose, depending on your income, £20 is quite a lot to shell out in one go.

Hidden in reply to O2Trees

True but if it helps you get it. I would be worth the money you can also get help from the CAB they fill in a lot of forms for people claiming benefits and that is free

O2Trees in reply to Hidden

Good point :)

onamission in reply to Hidden

Hi Amanda makes me laugh these assessors who have the final decision have no medical knowledge what so ever they asked me if my condition had improved what part of COPD don't they understand

Hidden in reply to onamission

I know maybe they think we will be cured one day if only

stone-UK in reply to romfty


As a member you have access to information not freely available on the Internet. I have copied a tiny extract of the guides available.

There is help for several benefits.

PIP Claims

There's a detailed PIP timetable here

Guide to claiming PIP

84 page guide to PIP claims and medicals.

I've been awarded PIP, what else can I claim?

13 page guide to other benefits you may be able to claim if you are awarded PIP.

PIP diary extracts and templates

6 sample diaries and a diary template

Sample diaries for health conditions: Anxiety & depression; Arthritis & obesity; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Fibromyalgia; mobility problems and; Schizophrenia

PIP Sample medical report

Our own sample version of a PIP PA4 medical report form

PIP Appeals

Guide to PIP appeals

A 25 page detailed guide on challenging PIP decisions through Mandatory Reconsideration and Appeal.

PIP appeal submissions

A 33 page guide to PIP appeal submissions and sample submissions for health conditions: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Anxiety & depression; Schizophrenia; Mobility problems; Fibromyalgia; Anxiety disorder, depression & agoraphobia and; Osteoarthritis & obesity

mmzetor in reply to romfty

you can find some bits your self but this site gives lots of advice on how to word forms how you word it can make a lot of different to out come , also lot of advice on how to appeal decisions and lot of legal stuff too , plus you get updates when new rules come in , it is worth the 20.00 every thing in one place that you would need ,

Hi o2, thanks for really helpful info. I haven't been on the forum much lately I'm afraid as some health probs (non COPD/bronch-related, although that is there always!) and now also really bad flare-up of Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, lower back, upper hamstrings, mid-back, neck...I can't use PC much and am back to that awful downward spiral. I think it was all sparked off by overdoing squats from PR course in August and now have had to stop all that. I am afraid they were right about me being careful about doing that course, it did cause me problems after all! Boohoo. Still like to have a read the posts here at regular intervals though. xxxx

O2Trees in reply to stillmovin

Good to hear from you, SM, just wish it was with better news. Im so sorry to hear this - although mine is nothing like as severe as yours I do understand how bad it can be. I remember once that i was doing some yoga position (lying on back, knees out to the sides with the feet pulled up). I could get into it with knees flat on the floor so so easily, but then i'd go home and be in dreadful pain. It happened several times before i realised why.

So how awful for you that you can't do PR now. When this has passed, would you be able to do the course but with modified bits where there is likely to be damage? Or is there any exercise which works for you? I so hope it passes over soon. Take care SM, xxxx

stillmovin in reply to O2Trees

Core stability exercises are what is usually used on me - I had months of it to treat my right knee and get me back to walking. Not the extreme pilates type, but of a more gentle level. I hope I get a hosp physio who knows not to stick me on a bicycle and do any aerobic type work, that is not how EDS III is treated!!!! xx

O2Trees in reply to stillmovin

That's outrageous - when my hip was bad i had a physio who had trained in EDS, it was her specialism and she was great. Her exercises were very gentle and worked quite quickly. I'll cross fingers for you xxx

Many thanks O2

I have been a member for a over a year and it is very good and they do explain things well. I have been looking at PIP again as it seems I qualify under the new rules still. Also I now realise what I did so wrong the first time I applied. I bigged myself up instead of saying how I am really coping. It was not until I looked at how many aids I now use to make my life easier!

Be Well

I stand corrected folks, it would appear that the fee is well worth it, judging by all your comments................especially Stone's snippets........... but is'nt it a crying shame that this information is not readily at hand to us all?.

O2Trees in reply to romfty

Yes its outrageous romfty. If their agenda was genuinely to help where its needed it would be available. But everything is driven by targets and their aim is for as few people to get their benefits as possible, to hell with their needs.

It is well worth the money for ESA and PIP, after 3 or 4 applications then knock backs with no points awarded, even though I am so ill. Finally I paid the subscription, followed their advice and now have both benefits at the top rate payable, I filled the forms in myself, had the dreaded medical assessments and when the brown envelopes came, I was crying with relief and joy.

Thank you for the link. Great help.

Also connected ATOS Designed to keystroke you better.

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