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Good morning Everyone,

Since I started working at BLF in 2009 we have regularly received enquiries about a trial from back in 2006. The trial, as reported in the Daily Mail, was to develop a drug 'to make damaged lungs regrow'

The statement below was released at the time, but since this we have heard nothing about the trial.

I have emailed to ask for an update but as yet have heard nothing. Please feel free to contact them too!

If anyone has information or updates on this trial, please do share.

To view all clinical trials into COPD, check the NHS Choices website, link below.

Official statement from F Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd regarding A1AD Trial at Birmingham University Hospital.

•Safety: R667 5mg daily was generally well tolerated relative to placebo.

•Efficacy: In general the data analyses failed to show significant efficacy in the entire patient population who received 1 year treatment with R667 but we will proceed with further analyses that may identify a subgroup of patients who may benefit from receiving the drugs.

•These results together with that of an ongoing 2 year study in patients with smoking induced emphysema , that is not limited to Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency, will give us a clear idea whether R667 is beneficial for the treatment of Emphysema.

The second trial was also inconclusive.



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  • Thank you for keeping us informed Biddy!

  • Ive just been on that site about vit A but you cant type in a message it only allows a few words ...not sure if anyone else has had the same

  • Thanks Biddy :)

  • Thanks for this Biddy ! Extremely valuable information to read when you feel like breaking the bank for mammoth vitamin A supplies.

  • Yes, thanks Biddy. For those of us who have to be very selective about supplements, for financial reasons, this is helpful.

  • Thank you very much for this Biddy.

  • The reply i got from them was ........Who am i,,, What do i want to know,,, Why do i want to know !!!

  • I haven't had a reply yet Mandy. Did you email from the contacts page on the link?

  • I've just seen your message, thanks.

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