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Hi everyone, I recently joined the group and wondered what you all think. As I said I have had emphysema for over 20 years. I have done pulmonary rehab 3 times and joined a mechanised gym over 2 years ago. Unfortunately since my severe chest infection and hospitalisation last year I have not been able to go to the gym mainly because the weather effects me so much and the gym is very cold. I have decided that I have to get back to exercise so am planning on buying either a small treadmill or an exercise bike. I live in a small bungalow so space it limited. I'm not sure which of these exercise aids would be best and wondered what anyone else's opinion was. Thanks.

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  • I have an exercise bike, I've had it over 10years & it's still going strong. Coats are hung over the handle bars however I still can use it. I sit up, not holding the handle bars either reading my kindle/book or playing word games on my Ipad, using it for 3 x 20 mins stints a day. I'm sure it helps move the phlegm :), my knees wouldn't cope with a treadmill :(. You really need a comfy seat though, mine is a reebok and I love the seat :)

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  • I swopped my treadmill for a computer, don't fall off this.

  • Hi.......we have a treadmill. and live in a cottage.

    Only snag is size. It lives in the spare bedroom till we have visitors , then as now it's moved anywhere we can fit it in.

    We also have a folding exercise bike.......that's fine long as you have hard skin on your its an old cycle we have been unàble to find a new cumfy seat. .........

    So whichever I use I get corns !

  • Hi barbsm have just got exercise gym chair its great and folds up so no problem storing it

  • Hi lottylaine I have just looked at the gym chair it looks great. I would be able to do more or less the same workout I normally do at the gym. Thanks for the help

  • I think its great saves getting cold going too and from gym and you go at your own pace suits me i have severe copd

  • The Bike will give less shock to the knees and may be smaller? Plus you can still sit in between spurts?

  • Hi as well as chair based exercise I use the small bicycle peddler,storage not a problem,use it for arms as well has built in compute find it very useful naresh62

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