I think I have changed practices?

Had to get an emergency appointment last night as my AB was going to run out and I was feeling no better. The gout is refusing to go just to keep me off my toes, but the arcoxia that gets rid of it gives me a gooey chest so I made the educated decision to keep off them.

Only a 30 minute wait from my arrival time and the GP I saw met me with a smile. and I explained all what has happened and the AB is running out. He said I see they have put on your notes you have Fibrosis as well? With that looked in my red sore throat and then the lungs. He told me that the AB are very strong and he would of hoped to see an improvement? It seems that the time I was not moving anything it was compacting in the lower part of both lungs along with fluid. Once I told him that I have occasions were what I bring up looks like it has small pips in it. He said it could be debris from the infection? You need complete rest and if it does get worse go to A&E if you cannot come here?

I explained my gout dilemma and he agreed that was a good choice as the Arcoxia could react with one of the AB anyway. But he did not want to change my gout tablets until I was clear of infection. So not going to be pain free for a bit :(

This is my second visit this year to 2 different doctors and they have agreed with what the Hospital have said for years but they have not, are willing to talk about more than one problem? I feel like I have been to another practice from what I have been going to before!

Be Well

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  • Well Offcut, sounds like the doctors are agreeing with you and actually listening. Funny you should mention the pip like bits as Pete gets that too. I think it looks like old dried blood. Seems as if he will need more Ciprofloxacin to knock this infection on the head.

    Hope you feel better soon. Xxx

  • I think that is what he meant by debris?

  • hope this lot of abs sort you out this time , seem to be some strong infections going round this winter I just finish 20 day corse of abs , take care

  • I had a guy at the back of me coughing so hard I could feel it on my back.

  • lovely just what you needed , i do have recuse pack at home but im so glad we have the community copd nurses that come out to the house if you call them they will sort out ab and steroids so don't have to wait in doctors waiting rooms any more and I see last week she got doctor to put ab on repeat now so that's a bonus , I sure in them waiting rooms you get more germs than you went in with

  • I do not think I have ever seen them do a good clean there when the cleaners are there? Still cannot get past the rescue pack they will not budge on that at all. Maybe when I was more than a little ill I changed from a bad cold to pneumonia to collapsed lungs in 3 days they do not want to?

  • check the nice guide lines , I may have dreamt this I did fall a sleep at one point but im sure the rehab nurse said its in there guide lines to provide rescue packs to people with copd but she did say not all gps are keen on doing so ,

  • I am under the impression that they really believe that they will be able to treat you with/for everything! So there is no need to. However I seem to upset them by getting so ill when they are closed and it is inconsiderate of me in doing so.

    I have even had a hand written letter from them to come in to discuss my blood tests I had at A&E. Which did make me worry a little. So when I got in the GP said "We would not of done this many blood tests why have so many?" I explained I had a at rest heart rate of 165 and 88% O2 and they did seem concerned as to why it had gone that way. The hospital doctor even rang me at home after I left hospital the next day to make sure I was okay and if it carries on come straight back into A&E!

    The best thing was after my GP visit she missed I was Vit D deficient? I did not know until I got the cc'd letter to my GP practice.

  • What an improvement, very pleased for you. Hope you feel better soon so the gout medication can be changed and you have less pain.

  • me too it is not helping.

  • That's certainly sounds like you have a doctor there who's willing to help you.

    I hope your infection clears up soon. 🌷

  • These are the same doctors that said most of my breathing problems were my heart problems? Even though my heart consultant sent a letter about his concerns with my lungs?

    Makes you wonder what made this sudden change?

  • Thank you

  • At least they have changed, Offcut. Get well soon.

  • Me too it is not pleasant.

  • That sounds good - for whatever reason they are finally agreeing should give you a little more faith in them (at last!). I do hope you feel better soon - you have been through so much lately with your son's health as well as your own, I'm amazed you're still standing - hope thing improve for you both soon x

  • I can keep upright for a long time but then if it gets me I am flat out with no compromises.

  • I hope you feel better soon Offcut, just thought I'd mention that Cherry juice, is said to relieve gout. It's worth a try xx

  • Tried that by the gallon but did not seem to help. But the arthritis has got worse so it may be as much that now?

  • My old doctors would not treat more than one condition at a time, I got a virus sickness and Diarrhoea so I asked the guard dog behind the desk for 2 appointments when she asked why I need 2 I told her I had sickness and Diarrhoea and none of the doctors could malty- task

    Hope your chest clears soon

  • If mine can do it now why could they not do it before? It keeps going up and down. I thought it was going in the right direction but then I felt worse again?

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