Hi everyone I have just joined and have been very interested in all your posts. I've had COPD for over 20 years and it is now severe. After a very bad chest infection which landed me in hospital at the end of October and have been finding things more difficult since then. My GP and respiratory nurse are excellent and are at present arranging for me to be under the city respiratory team which is excellent news. I am very lucky to live where I do and have such a great GP surgery.

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  • Welcome to the site. Glad to hear you have such a good medical team. I find that I still do the things I did before I was diagnosed with COPD in 2006. Just a lot slower take care xx

  • Hi amanda2 I feel like a tortoise sometimes as I'm sure many of us do.

  • Welcome hope you enjoy your read..hope you feel and get better in friend has it so sad to see on a bad day... nice site enjoy xxx

  • Thanks bigfattoe

  • Welcome barbs, great place to be, plenty to read and keep you amused, or advice to read or just to have a rant, we all need to do that occasionally :-) jan x

  • Thank you grannyjan we sure do need to have a good old rant sometimes.

  • Hello and welcome.

  • Hi Barbs

    Welcome to the site. Sounds like you have everything under control. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    We welcome your suggestions also.

    Having had copd for 20 years, you could probably offer some good advice yourself. Looking forward to see more of you.

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Thanks Ruby it's taken me a while to write a post but it's lovely to have been welcomed by so many.

  • Hi Barbs & Welcome,

    I'm relatively new to copd, a year. However I my Dad had copd for over 25years , so I do have understanding <3. Hope you feel better soon, keep well & nice to meet you,


  • hi welcome to the group

  • Hello - nice to meet you - xx piggi

  • Hello & welcome to our forum. I expect you will be able to give advice yourself as you've had your lung condition for a long time.

    I hope you improve after your recent chest infection. You do seem to be having good medical care

    Get well soon 🌸

  • Thank you if I can help anyone with my experience I will be glad to.

  • Hi Barbara

    I too have had Emphysema/COPD for about 20 years and mine is now at the severe stage. My last lung FEV1 was 14% but I wasn't feeling too good at the time. Hoping next one at the end of the month will show improvement. I still manage to do stuff round the house and drive. I am on 1 litre oxygen min 15 hours daily.

    Look after yourself


  • Thank you for replying it helps to know others understand.

  • Thanks to everyone who responsed to the ventolin question.


  • hi BarbsM

    well mines a long story im new here to.

    would like to know what stage you started copd at?

    as im not sure if i have copd or not the nurse said my no. is 71 is that fev1? is that good. i take nothing as i was told 4 yrs ago i didnt have copd now the( different ) nurse is saying i do ???? as the number for normal is 80?? and mine is 71 ( i feel normal lol) i dont know what to think. i have no symptoms not breathless not wheezy.etc. do as much as my M.E lets me. its getting to me big time going to make an appt for the dr dont really want another spirometery test need to know.

    people on here seem very positive and lovely

    hope you get better and keep well and keep going

    kind regards enjoy the website


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