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I was diagnosed with 3 months ago, although to be honest I've had it for years, I was just told it was asthma, until I moved house and changed doctors. So, the copd nurse says I have it, these are your Meds to take when you have an exsaserbation. I'll see you in a year! I'm seeing her tomorrow as I feel I have questions. Done a lot of reading up on it, and this site helps a lot. Can anyone suggest anything that I ought to be asking, that maybe I've not picked up on? Thank you.

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I would want to know the numbers that are coming out of the tests, presumably you've had Spirometry? But not everyone wants that kind of info. A lot of people here rave about the benefits of pulmonary rehab. You could ask about that. If you have lost confidence a bit about exercising she/he will reassure you about how to deal with breathlessness and how to pace yourself.

Would you like someone to come with you? Again some find it helpful and others prefer to be alone.

All the best

K xxx


Thanks katinka46. Had spirometer test, just come off heart rehabilitation, so had exercise too. Am not bad, but I know others on here are experienced with it, just feeling the waters so to speak, I know this is not curable, but need to know all I can.


I would ask for a copy of your spirometry results.

You could ask them for advise on determining when to see the doctor if you get congested, or how to determine if it is an infection that will be helped by antibiotics or just a common cold or a viral infection.

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Hi nice to meet you. If you are in the UK you can ring the BLF nurses. The number is under the red balloon and they work office hours. They can send you out loads of bumph and will answer any questions you have.

Stay with us here as between us we have a wealth of knowledge of lung disease and we all help and support each other. x


Hi linibobs

Go to "treating copd with cannabis oil" on facebook. Join, read the pinned post and make a decision. oil or meds. I chose oil and my life has been changed dramatically.

I have gone from stage 2 moderate to stage 1 very mild in weeks. Stats 10 months ago were FEV69%, oxygen high 80's, BP 154.

Xmas day i had a lung function follow up. FEV84%, oxygen 98%, BP down to 125.

I now take NO medication other than the oil and can ride my bike for 25-30 minutes with very little breathlessness.

It's your decision.



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