I still not had a cig almost 10months now I am feeling some what a little better but still out of breath some times I am walking a little better I still having to stop every now and then but not so often my knees are feeling a bit better as well now it's my weight ?? I must have put on a stone or more I hope every one had a good Christmas and may all that you dream of come true for the new year ED

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  • Hi well done in quitting for 10 months. Stopping smoking only slows down the progression of your COPD. You will still get breathless at times I stopped 17 months ago good luck with your staying stopped

  • Oh, well done! Giving up us the best thing you can do for yourself. The second best is taking exercise (and that will help with the weight). Very good wishes. x

  • well done on quitting and for the improvement its making

  • If you need any help with staying stopped HU has a Quit site you can join I joined it and they are very helpful take care

  • Well done u, it's a big step to do quitting smoking , but Uve done it, glad things feel slightly better and hope that continues for u xx Sonia xx

  • Hi Ed! Congratulations! 🎉👏👏👏

    That's a marvellous achievement. Keep up the good work. 👍

    Just take your time walking but don't stop as its good for your weight to exercise.

    Here's to another new year 🌹

  • Oh dear, Edtongue1. Welcome to my world! It's a little over 4 years since I stopped, wasn't even diagnosed with COPD until 3 months after I stopped, still breathless, four stone heavier but today I downloaded Paul McKenna's Gastric Band - I used his Stop Smoking hypnothingy when I gave up the fags.

    I'm guessing that, as I managed to stop the dreaded weed, stopping eating will be easy.

    If you want a competition to see who can lose it fastest - I'm game for that! I can't exercise much cause I'm disabled, don't sleep too well cause I've sleep apnoea, don't breath too well thanks to COPD but I think it's time I stopped being fat!

    Best wishes whatever you decide to do,


  • It's not stopping eating that you need to do y_not but eating healthily. You still need to eat at least 3 times a day otherwise if your body thinks it is starving it will just hold onto whatever calories it gets. This is counter-productive. Good luck with it. x

  • Well done Ed! I gave up 12 years ago & I'm still on the gum, not because I want a ciggie but because I'm addicted to that now ;).After giving up like you I put weight on, then I had cancer & put even more on so went on a diet & lost 3 stone. Now 5 years later I've put 2 and a half stone back on so I am on a diet & exercise regime & lost nothing yet lol. My daughter bought me a FitBit for my 60th Birthday on the 30 th Dec & I must say I'm getting addicted. I thought I was quite active but was only in fact doing 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day, now I'm up to 13,000. Yes I get out of breath however my copd is behaving itself at the moment& I get through it. I'm very conscious that this isn't at all possible for many COPD sufferers, however I have surprised myself what I actually can achieve. I think about it in bags of sugar :),Today I'm carrying 17 more bags of sugar around 24 hours a day than I was 5 years ago, no wonder I'm puffed and hopefully the exercise will help my lungs. Mind you I expect to see some weight loss soon!

    Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2016,


  • Hello Ed, well done with the no smoking especially keeping to it over Christmas and new year. As you say next is the weight, if you can master the weight you are a better person than me. I've tried many times to loose weight but only seem to be able to keep it steady. I am a food lover, let me know if you find an easy to follow diet so I can try it.

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