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Mainly for cat lovers

For my recent birthday I received a lovely furry throw, smaller than usual and very thick. Just right size as there isn't loads pooling around me. I sald to my husband don't let the cats sit on it as I don't want it spending forever in the washer or on the airer. Yesterday afternoon I was cuddled on the settee desperately trying to stop coughing as I have a nasty chest infection when my rug started moving I tried to pull it back but it kept going I then realised it was Cooper my cat the monster he pulled it right off and then wrapped himself in to a bundle on the floor. I could not stop laughing which made me cough even more. He only stayed about five mins as it was too warm for him. I couldn't take a photo as it was just a rug in a heap not even a whisker showing. He would normally have just come on my lap but he didn't like being shaken so he thought he would have the rug anyway.

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That is so cat like



Hi rosabeth I can just picture your cat wrapped up in the cosy throw.

I was given a beautiful throw for Christmas....it's very tactile and comforting.

I hope you fell better soon...take care


Thank you for your replies and I hope it gave you a smile for today. We all need them. I am feeling a little better tonight lets hope I can sleep then tomorrow will be good. Cooper is a very large cat, not fat but weighing in at just under 20 lbs, I can in longer pick him up from the floor, the bed or a windowsill yes but if I need him to move on the floor which is quite often as he sleeps in front of the cloakroom door then I can't open it, I have to shake the tin of cat treats and he moves as if the house is on fire. He is a great character, good company and I love him very much. When I am poorly he always tries to sit on my chest and snuggle into my neck can you imagine 20 lbs of large furry purring cat when you can't breath. i have just about got him to sit next to me and put his head on my knee but if I relax up he comes it's taken about nine years but intelligent to a fault he just doesn't understand why he can't sit on me. When he was about 9 months old he got in my daughters car and refused to leave and as she had 4 dogs at the time she could not take him home so I had to drive for half an hour and get him from the car and take him home he was thin but in good condition and had been hanging about all day. Vet next day, no chip we searched for his owners for months but he became mine and I brought him and my other cat back from Spain two years ago she was also a rescue cat and is still very timid. Oh yes you will guess what car my daughter had as his name is Cooper and would have been Mimi had he been a female. Take care all sleep well.

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That's a lovely story, I cannot have cats now as my daughter is very allergic to them now.

But I have had strays in the past as well as Siamese and a Burmese...they all had their different characters

Take care


I am sorry your daughter is allergic to cats I have a cousin who was highly allergic as a child, by twelve it dissapeared and they have had cats ever since. I am allergic to almost everything under the sun but not cats or dogs or birds, great.I have had cats all my life including Burmese, Siamese. Oriental and a Bengal plus many rescue cats and a couple of dogs thrown in. Take care.


Hi Rosabeth. Cat's will get into/under anything they can, won't they? I appreciate your comment about the throw spending time in the washer. I have 3 cats and they shed all time, but I've found a solution ...at last!

It's a roller thing which has a kind of soft rubbery cover on it and picks up pet hairs like a magnet. You roll it over the hairy bits, then run it under hot water, the hair comes straight off and it's ready for use again immediately. You never have to replace the rubbery bit (unlike the ones that have sticky paper on them) and it even came with a small version for taking hair/fur off of clothes which you can keep in your handbag. If you're interested, I think it's made by JML. XX


Thank you very much for the info on thr cat hair remover, I have had the same one for a long time with the handbag size one too. I used to use it a lot but it's not a lot of use on the furry rugs John takes them outside and shakes them but all my rugs are cream and show the dirt very quickly the new one is more beige than cream so hope it stays looking clean for longer.my cats are house cats so we get all the hairs indoors I do have an animal Dyson and a battery animal Dyson excellent for the stairs my back just refuses to let me do stairs and John doesn't do them as often as I would like my carpets are light peach. I do ask for trouble don't I. My dining room is wood and it's so much easier but not exactly cozy. I also like wearing black but I try to get silky finish fabrics so the hairs don't stick.also with the cats not going out ( they have a run in the garden) but it's only small they chase all over the house like lunatics so the hairs aren't confined they are everywhere even in the bath as Cooper like water from the running tap and I won't let him on the kitchen sides. Take care


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