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is it reflux

hi everyone another question for you i have severe copd and according to my nurse im not doing to bad but i always seem to have a sore throat on the right side and phlem and sometimes cough i ocasionaly get heartburn but not all the time i always seem to burp a lot i do take one 20mg omepraole daily but still getting all these symptoms including slight earache could this be a reflux condition has anyone else had this x

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It all sounds like reflux Rusty. What is called "Silent Reflux" as you often don't get oesophageal symptoms is very common with people with copd. What happens with this is that the refluxate (acid, pepsin and bile) breaches the upper oesophageal sphincter and gets into the windpipe. This will give sore throat, earache and can also cause asthma like symptoms if it reaches the lungs which it can do.

There are various things which can help - sleeping on a wedge pillow so gravity keeps the refluxate in your stomach (some people raise the head of their bed). And sleeping on the left hand side only is helpful as the entrance to the stomach is on the right, a little down from the top which means it can leak more easily if you are on your right hand side.

Always eat small meals, and leave 3 hours from last meal until bedtime.

I hope this helps. I do all of the above and it makes a big difference. :)


thankyou x


I have silent reflux, it even makes my voice change, ear aches, and alot of sore throats my medicine helps alot


I lost my voice after added reflux with pneumonia medication (abs and steroids make your stomach much more acid). It was totally gone for 3 weeks then took a further 6, helped by speech therapy to return.

No-one should underestimate the effects of acid reflux. It should never be dismissed as just a bit of heartburn.

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O2 has said it all really. I did take peptic liquid for a short time and do not any more, I also take omepraole daily still.

Be Well


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