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Coughing and IPF


G'day All

We have finally had success with Susan's severe wet coughing fits.

The Lung transplant Dr has recommended Panadene Forte as a means of reducing the attacks.

Susan has been taking 1 tablet 3 times daily and has had very little coughing since.

I do not know if it will assist everyone but if you are experiencing these fits , please talk to your Dr about this drug.

Hope this info may help.

Best wishes


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Known in the UK as Co-Codamol. Available in several codeine/paracetamol combinations and widely prescribed.

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Thanks Huwie,

Thanks for your comments.

hope it is helping others, terrible disease, we just need a miracle.

Best wishes


I took co-codamol30 for a number of years and It does not seem to have made any difference. But one thing is for sure we all react so differently to drugs.

Be Well

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So true Mate

The one thing we have learned traveling this bumpy road is

What's good for one can be fatal for another

Stay well


For IPF I take Pirfenidone 3 tablets 3 times a day. Prescribed by my respiratory consultant at Coventry & Warwickshire Hospital.

Petekaps in reply to Petebonny

Hi Petebonny,

I was prescribed Pirfenidone by my consultant. Initially it helped me but the horrendous side effect it has of causing not only loss of appetite but I also seemed to go off food. I lost a lot of weight, However, I do hope that you do not suffer from this side effect and that it works for you.

I am no longer on Pirfenidone but am now on Nintedanib. It is too early to say whether it is working or not.

All the best and wish you success with Pirfenidone,


Morning Will. I'm glad Susan is feeling better & the coughing episodes are reducing. Hope you enjoy your day. Nan xxx

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Thanks Nan

Coughing fits are not as often but my beautiful wife is slipping, now needs o2 more frequently, we wait each day for a phone call from the Alfred hospital.

The tragedy is that some poor soul must depart this life to give Susan an extension with hers

Best wishes


Nanaeal in reply to Hidden

Sorry to hear Susan is 'slupping'. I do hope you get the news you need soon. It is sad that a life has to end in order to save another, but I think if it were me or my. Loved one I would feel it was wonderful that Susan can be if it. My thoughts & prayers are with you both Nan

Always good to hear what helps .... the BLF nurse and consultant recommended codeine linctus, and later oromorph, for us and it did seem to help. Plus trying to keep calm and not let panic take hold ... easier said than done ...

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So true

Thanks for your comments

Sometimes I wonder if Susan is going to come thru these fits, and I can see the worry in her face as she struggles during one.

Best wishes


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