going to have a moan,,,,,,

my back has gone big time - neck and lumbar. Saw neurosurgeon Thursday. said spine too far gone. wanted to refer me to pain clinic for some injections. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\told him not pain, just backbreaking if stand. So changed mind to intensive physio. to help build muscle. What will this be? Can't even get in a car.

Moan over

Babs xx

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  • Oh dear Babs I sympathise! I did my back in over 2 months now and was bent double for a while. It's not gone back to normal and now my sciatic nerve keeps twanging. I am not as bad as you but I can't stand up for more than a minute or so. I can't walk without pain. I haven't been to my doctors coz all they will do is say 'Exercise', refer me to physio, and give me painkillers which won't touch the pain.

    I think physio should help. You won't be the only person they see who can't move so there must be some way of managing it. Good luck and let us know how you get on please. x

  • Omg Babs! I truly sympathise with you but I've a feeling any back pain I've had is not a patch on what you're suffering!

    I'm so sorry for you.

    Maybe the physiotherapist can visit you at home to give you some relief to enable you to get about a bit.

    Take care & let us know how you get on 🌹

  • I fell downstairs hurting my coccyx . Now the rest of my back is agony, i can't stand for even a few seconds. Walking my dog takes ages.

    I've just had the steroid injections into the lower lumber and sacroilliac joint for easing pain and allowing me to walk easier. I buggered it all up now. Worse than it was beforehand

  • I sympathise too Babs as have had back problems on and off for 37 years and don't get me started on Pete's back problems.

    I hope the physio works well for you. Good luck. Xxx

  • Hi, after I damaged my back last year I found the Alexander technique...semi supine helped a lot.

  • Me too, but my spine injuries happened in childhood & as a teen. I started Alexander in my 20s & couldn't have managed my career without it. Eventually I was able to put together an exercise regime that combined Alexander, tai chi, pilates & yoga in a 30 minute session tailored to my needs (a lot of it was lying down). This stood me in good stead for many years. Am 62 now

  • Alexander Tecnique is utterly brilliant.

  • Hi Babs

    Sorry to hear of your back problems.

    I have sciatica and had a lot of trouble for years.Couldn't even sit down, without getting pins and needles. Went to physical therapy, which made it worse! Only thing that helped me was Gabapentin. Amazing pill. Hope you feel better.😊

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Hope you find something that works, it's terrible to be in so much pain.

  • So sorry babs...having lived with severe chronic spine conditions & had a series of spine ops over the decades, so can relate to this - especially as surgery is now out for me due to my immune dysfunctions & age (62). And my Pain Consultant had to resort to full on facet joint denervations when injection blocks weren't long lasting enough

    I have had a lot of experience of physios over the decades. Both NHS & private. Most of them were well intentioned but useless. My feeling is that you'll need a very experienced physio - one that is prepared to listen to your full medical history & give you a highly individualised treatment plan...it would be very surprising if a young or average physio can give you the assistance your complex case requires.

    Recently I was referred to NHS physio by my lupus clinic. At first I was seen by a physio clinic in my small local market town: I saw a woman who was meant to be senior: she was useless. Next I was specifically referred to the physio dept at the internationally famous teaching hospital where I attend lupus clinic. In the form they required completed before treatment, I specifically requested a senior physio and said my consultant had stipulated this because I'm a complex patient. To me amazement I did get a fantastic senior physio who did listen to & examine me closely. We had several extremely good appts, which have set me up so well that I'm definitely benefitting greatly

    Otherwise, I'd agree with knitter's reply above: find a really good Alexander teacher and take lessons while you're working with physio

    Wishing you all the v best of success with this...hope you'll let us know how you get on

    XO🍀 Coco

  • Hi, Babs, I have had chronic low level back pain since a road accident in 1977 which occasionally flares up badly. In 1998 I had 2 slipped lumbar discs and could not sit for 3 months, only lie down or stand. The physio who prescribed exercises for me at that time made things far worse - though a previous time, another physio I saw privately had managed to improve symptoms of a previous attack. I now go to an osteopath whenever I have a flare up. He has also been able to help me when my diaphragm spasms and makes my lower ribs sore.

    So good luck with seeing a physio, as they can be great - but each uses different techniques, so if the first one doesn't work for you, try another if you can.

  • Thank you all for your helpful advice. I know I can rely on you.

    I think I just gave in to all these problems and threw my dummy out.

    My good friend also recommends Bowen Therapy. I think I am just being too lazy to do anything but moan.

    New leaf, I see my rheumy consultant on Friday. I want to know from him who is the most experienced physio and in conjunction with that will try Bowen first, if it doesn't work for me, next step Alexander.

    Thank you all again and hope you are relatively stable at the moment.

    Babs x

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