Thank you all for replying to my post re Eklira Genuair

It's obviously not for everyone and doesn't seem to be doing much for me. I think I'll stick to the nebulised ipratropium which does help.

I read somewhere (probably on here), that some paramedics, as part of their training did a cross-country run, then ran up and down flights of stairs and then had to breathe through a straw. That way they could really understand what many of us have to live with every day.

If this kind of 'ground level' training could be extended to include consultants and others in the respiratory field it could be of benefit us all.

Annie X

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  • Good comment you can only know what it is like if you experience it.

  • You right they do not now how it is if they did things might be different for us all

  • Well said Annie. Xxx

  • Where did you get it from

  • What a wonderful idea, I can think of a couple of pompous geniuses who would benefit mightily, especially if I could watch them at the end!

  • Conjures up a wonderful picture Snodgrass!


    Annie x

  • Well said Worzwl12.

    Some young doctors and consultants are very bla`zey when it comes to dealing with COPD, Some even have the front to say " well you smoked, what do you expect?"

    1/ Bronchiectasis is contracted by smokers AND people who have never smoked alike...

    2/ A little bitty respect for your elders and the sick That's what you get paid to do.

    3/ the service I and others like me have paid into all our working lives .............. you self important little twit!!!!

    Not all Health staff are like that, but the ones that are,,, need to find a new occupation!

    Tom. :(

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