Mrs Lynda Davies

Mrs Lynda Davies

I have had COPD for over 20 years, I gave up smoking 19 years ago. I also have osteoarthritis, Type 2 Diabetes, fibromyalgia and had my large bowel and rectum removed 15 years ago due to Ulcerative Colitis so, as you can probably appreciate I am no quitter. The problem bothering me at present is that I use Salbutamol inhaler and Fostair and Tiotropium all through a spacer, I have repeated cycles of Oral and Viginal Thrush. This has been going on for at least 4 years, I am being treated with Flucomazole which, obvious to me, isn't doing the trick. I take all precautions to prevent this problem recurring, but still have the problem. I have recently broached the idea of using a Nebuliser and hands were literally thrown in the air, saying that I'm not giving the treatment a fair go!! PLEASE could anyone help me?????

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  • You have/had a lot to cope with as many have on this forum. Somebody will answer your question soon but have you tried talking to one of the BLF nurses - they are excellent. Sorry have not the number to hand but easy to find. Good luck Kaye.

  • Hi Kaye, I will try speaking to them, thanks for the heads up. Lynda

  • Unfortunately some of these inhalers do cause that and all i have ever been told is to gargle each time i use my inhalers and touch wood it has worked so far

  • Hi Lynda, have you been prescribed Nystatin ? It's in a small brown glass bottle with a little squeezy applicator attached to the top. You use this, about four times a day, squirting it all round your mouth and tongue. It's brilliant against thrush.

  • Yes, Billiejean_2, I have tried Nystan many times over the years as my GP has put this on my repeat prescription I don't know why as he knows it doesn't work for me. I am going to try the live yogurt idea if it is sugar free, I know the plain one is though. I hope it works, I'll let you know how I get on. I am so humbled, and delighted, to find a site where so many people are willing to try to help me!!! Anyhow, I'll let you know how I get on, and thanks very much for your help too. Keep taking the tablets...😉😉😉


    Above is a link taken off an aspergillus post. Let me know if it doesn't come through.

    it sounds as though you have a very well established case of it. Drastic measures.

    Sugar is what feeds the fungal infection so you need to try to eliminate it for three months. I do stress that you'd better check with your GP that it wouldn't affect you adversely . I had to do it once and I've never felt better - I haven't had what you've had to go through though.

    I'm guessing that after the gut operation it's more difficult fir the 'good' flora to work in your system.

    I take a daily capsule of 20billion probiotic to keep the balance.

    Good luck . P

  • Thanks for that, and yes I have to be careful to some degree as my body cannot digest certain foods like pulses, and some fruits will give me an upset tummy. I have tried Nystan, no good, Flucomazole which works while I am taking it, but as soon as I finish the course it comes back again. Being diabetic also hinders the cure for Thrush, so I am told, which was why I thought using a nebuliser would help to effect a cure. I will ask for help from the NLF nurses though and see what happens. I appreciate your kind words and will keep in touch.

  • I have had awful fungal infections. On one occasion I got Black Hairy tongue. It covered all of my tongue and took away my sense of taste. I am afraid Nystan had absolutely no effect.

    Thanks to the members here, I tried taking live yoghurt. The results were miraculous. Within a couple of days, there was a great improvement, soon after, my tongue was back to normal.

    I carried on with the live yoghurt for a while longer to make sure. In your case, I would suggest taking live yoghurt twice a day. If you take it soon after using your inhaler it should keep the thrush at bay.

    I found a lovely live yoghurt by the Collective Dairy, in Asda, it is in a jar. I liked the raspberry flavour best. There are other flavours. Here is their website which has a store locator.

  • Hi there Azure_sky, I will DEFINATELY look into your kind idea straight away as I too shop with Asda. I will be in touch to let you know how I get on!!

  • Do check the contents though, if it has sugar in it it will feed the fungus and you really need to starve it.

    I use Yeo Valley 0% fat plain live yog with just a couple of teaspoons of Activia fruit yog for a change of flavour.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks peege I will give that a try, everybody has been so helpful, I'm very impressed!!

  • I find Corsydol and Oraldene mouth washes are good for curing and preventing thrush. They are expensive but Super Drugs do one of their own with the same active ingredient. I find it works after a few uses usually. Is thrush a symptom of Diabetes as once a doctor tested me for diabetes when I had a fungal ear infection.

  • I was told my my dentist not to use those mouthwashes as I have dry mouth problems. I can't remember the one she told me I could use.

    The ONLY thing that got rid of my thrush was live Yoghurt. The collective yoghurt is really nice. I am diabetic and it didn't cause me any problems. A couple of spoonfuls a day won't hurt.

  • Yes it is, lots of people with diabetes get thrush, so with me being diabetic and using inhalers it can be more prevalent, but I am very careful with my dental hygiene and I too use Corsydol. Unfortunately all my teeth have gone soft due to the use of lots of steroids when I had Ulcerative Colitis, even though my large bowel has now gone the damage has already been done. My dentist is removing two at a time until they have all gone. I will be glad when they have gone as they cannot be filled anymore!! Anyhow I will have lovely white teeth eventually, even though they won't be my own, my husband says I have worn my old teeth out with talking too much, he is so cheeky. Thanks for taking the time to write to me, HampshireLass, much appreciated. Take care, Lynda

  • Hi Linda welcome to the site

  • Thanks for your welcome, onamission. Best regards Lynda

  • Thanks very much I have had a lot of responses and feel humbled by such helpful, lovely people.

    I feel blessed.

  • I had forgotten as only do sometimes now re thrush in mouth. Like most I rinse out but the other thing to do is get some tinned pineapple and chew thoroughly. The enzymes do something to the fungus!?Kaye x

  • Thanks Kathiesue, pineapple is too fibrous for my stoma to cope with, mango is the same, but thanks for thinking of me. Take care Lynda

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