Fed up with feeling like this

Had an appointment with the practise nurse just before xmas,breathing had got quite bad.

She changed my meds to revlar.and another one that I cannot remember.

Upon first using it,I could feel the stuff going into my lungs and opening them up,it was unreal.i felt like I could move mountains for a couple of days at least.

Now I feel like I'm back to normal.😔

I had another check yesterday with the nurse,she said my peak flow had improved,it was 175. Although I don't feel any better in myself.

I also suffer with osteoporosis,and the week before Christmas I had to pick my little dog up,as she had had an operation and couldn't get up properly.

As I lifted her,I felt a "pop" in my rib cage.and the pain was unbearable.

Anyway,I visited my gp,who gave me antibiotics in case it was the start of a chest infection,and codydramol,for pain.He suggested it was a muscle.but I have had a broken rib before,and it felt the same.

To cut a very long story short,I just am feeling very yuk at the moment.

I find that just doing the smallest task takes it out of me,breathing wise.i have no energy,plus I'm not sleeping too good.

Has anybody got any ideas to make myself feel better.

Thank you all


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  • You could try Lavender oil massage, that won't hurt you.

  • When is the last time you sent in a sputum sample you could still have an infection sometimes it can take more than one course or a change of antibiotic...I would go back and see your GP and mention again the pain in your rib an xray sounds like its needed to check your rib

  • I've never sent in a sample,they don't do that at docs.

    I have severe copd.

    My rib is nearly 100% now.

    I just feel not right in myself.not sleeping etc.

    I'm sure it's only temporary .

    Thank you though

  • I have never heard of that ever...

    Every time a COPD patient has an infection they are meant to send in a sputum sample....You should also have had a sensitivity test done to see which antibiotic is best for you.

    There is also something called Pseudomonas that many of us have which can take a long time to get rid of.

    I dont know where you are but you should speak to your GP

  • I do not know if it is different with Bronchiectasis my GP is of the mind if it aint broke do not mend it. I manage my Bronch with the Azs as and when. his point is you send sputum sample comes back negative - it does not mean there is not an inf but you are left in limbo. If the Azs do not work he said we will think again. He did send me for CT scan just to check on things. He is so caring but so popular I have to wait a fortnight to see him. Wish there were more like him. K

  • I returned to the docs and they sent a sputum sample off and it came back as resistant to the antibiotics, now week down the road I feel so much better.

  • I am so glad you are feeling better.xx

  • No,I have never had anything like that.

    You are just given ab's and steroids.

    I'm in Romford,Essex.

    Wherever you are,you are very lucky

  • Me to fantasy 3 I live in Romford to, and my doctors have never asked for a sputum sample, same as you just abs and steroids

  • I really think you guys should question whats going on and maybe ring the blf nurses because your not getting the sort of treatment your meant to be getting

  • Oh really.

    It must be a Romford thing.

    Interesting to know which doc you have.

    Maybe send me a pm.x

  • I have personal messaged you not sure If it's sent never sent 1 before x

  • No.its not showing any messages silly mummy.x

  • Oh Ok I'll try again if not I'll get my daughter to do it for me, not very tech savy lol

  • I can't see one anywhere,no worries.

    And I'm not computer savvy either😊

  • Lol lol

  • Sorry sent that to the wrong lady.

  • Im in Wales and im honestly gob smacked by what you say. Its normal practice here to send in samples and its something we are told on pulmonary rehab...Im at a loss as to how they know what antibiotics to give you if they dont know what infection you have.

    What about your sats are they checked regular

  • No they don't check unless I mention about sats then they will check,

  • How do you know if your getting enough oxygen ? You would be feeling exhausted and rotten and headaches and confusion if your oxygen isnt right.

    Buy a finger oximeter off amazon about £20 it sounds like you guys are looking after yourself

  • I had my oxygen levels checked last month 95%.

    She said that was quite good.


  • I know different areas do things slightly different but these websites may offer a little advice



  • Yes,my sats are checked every 3 months.

    I was diagnosed 6 years ago,and never ever done a sputum test.

    You are very lucky Mandy x

  • Oh dear, you poor thing. For the rib I can suggest taking Arnica. In other cultures it's called boneknit . Sadly it takes 6 weeks normally for bones to mend.

    For the rest be as kind to yourself as you possibly can.

    Is there a possibility that you could change your GP? This doesn't sound right at all. In fact it's a nonsense.

  • I don't normally deal with my gp.i usually see the practice nurse ,she's lovely.

    He refused me a rescue pk to keep at home last week,saying I didn't need it.

    The nurse got me one though.

  • At least that's one good thing.

    I belonged to a really good practice fir 18 years then moved last year. It was scary to leave the practice I trusted but no choice.

    After moving I checked all the surgeries in my area, each member of staff has a resume on the websites so you can choose one that suits you.

    Could you perhaps change GP practice?

    What does the respiratory nurse think?

    You deserve to have a diagnosis really, imo it beggars belief. P x

  • Thanks everyone for your support.

    Don't know what I would do without you all😊

  • Peege I live on herts/beds borders and have COPD and have never had a sputum sample taken. They didn't even take one in hospital this new year when coughing up green, brown and bloody sputum. Like Fantasy 3 and Silly Mummy abs and steroids!

  • Me neither snodgrass.

    Hope you are on the mend now.x

  • Feel better soon too.

  • Unbelievable 😟

  • fantasy3 I live in the west Midlands, always take a sputum sample to either doctors or straight to the lab at the hospital at the very start of any infection. Its best to do it before you start taking anti-biotics. My consultant always gives me the sample tubs marked up with my information, if I run out I just ask at the doctors and they will give me one. this way you can make sure that you are on the right anti-biotic.

  • They did give me a pot for the sample in hospital but never sent it off! Without sample tub and a willingness for it to be accepted there is nothing to be done.

  • I have never been offered a sputum test in the 6 years since diagnosis.

    Obv,different parts of the country work differently.

    It's not right though.

    But some people who have cancer have better care than others,depending on where you live.

    Take care.


  • I am in Yorkshire and have never had my sputum checked either by GP or when in hospital.

  • I to get abs and steroids never had a sputum test.

    I live in Essex


  • It's amazing how the NHS do different things in different parts of the country. I live in Scotland I find the service I am given really good. Surely everyone should be treated the same. If you don't hand in a sputum sample how do the GP's know the best antibiotic to use sometimes our bodies get resistant to the medication and the only way you can find that out is to have a sputum test done I have had to have a few sputum tests done for that reason.

  • i also have servere copd and have had a couple of bad colds in october and another cold in dec i do see a respirtory nurse normally every 6mnths . she is only at the surgery on a weds so any other time have to see another nurse or gp if ill inbetween .but each time i have gone down i am always told it is not my lungs but the upper airways and antibiotics wont help i have never had a sputum test and even had to ask for a pheunmonia jab in fact i have never been refered to anyone about my copd we do seem to be the forgotten lot at times i know it cant be cured and in my case self inflicted but i think that we all deserve the best care like with other illnesses i hope you feel better soon i live in west sussex

  • Hi rusty sorry you feel that way you shouldn't think it is your fault not everyone who smokes gets COPD I was told only 1 in 4 smokers end up with COPD as for your treatment you should be seeing a consultant at a respiratory clinic. I live in Scotland I get a yearly check from my GP and I go to the respiratory clinic every 6 months and every time I go to see my GP I an asked to hand in a sputum sample. It's a disgrace that you should have to ask for things that you should be given automatically take care xx

  • I am new here and have had COPD for many years suddenly becoming worse, I use a nebuliser guess it helps course it must, Feeling down hearted about it all is terrible. My PF are same as yours would love to exchange ideas as you post? Do you do any breathing exercises? Not something I know much about. Take care

  • Hi,and welcome.

    I've been here forever,lol....

    It's natural to feel down at times,but you soon get over that when you communicate with the lovely people on here.

    The only breathing exercises I do are when i do a 15 minute exercise bike ride every day.

    I attended rehab a few years ago,and they taught me breathing exercises,but I rarely do them.i found they didn't help much.

    How has your copd suddenly worsened anniecindy?

    Yes,a neb should help you lots.i have a friend who has one,and find it very beneficial.

    Take care

  • I caught a virus use my neb but need my PF to improve wondered if breath ex would help, I cannot ride a bike so I need to improve my O2 volume some how, any ideas.

  • I'm certain that exercise of any form would improve your o2 Hun.

    What is it at the mo?

    Do you do any exercise ?

    Can anybody else on here give anniecindy any ideas please? X

  • my o2 about 96 PF 170 suppose feeling the strain as I am normally very active with PF of 250 and higher o2 it makes a difference to my life. Mobility is vital I have arthritis I must be as active as possible, anything advice really welcome.

    thank you


  • Yes I agree,being mobile is very important if you have a condition like copd or arthritis,or like myself osteoporosis.

    I am not an expert on what should or should not be part of your exercise regime,I just do what suits me.

    Biking,walking on the spot.

    Maybe write a post on here asking other members for advice,or ring the Belfast helpline.

    I'm sorry I can't help you very much.

    Take care.


  • That's the blf helpline,not Belfast.

    Blooming predictive text.lol

  • thank you so much

  • Fantasy3 Have you started the drug trial that you were going on yet. Just interested to here how you were getting on.

  • Hi clematis 5932.

    No.i wasn't accepted.

    Had every test known to man done.

    I was an ideal candidate,but because I had a rescue pk within the previous year,but had not see either a nurse or gp, I was rejected.

    Stupid really.

    Apparently in America,no such thing as a rescue pack.you HAVE to go see doc...

    That's why they rejected me.

    Hope you are well.x

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