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Hi,at a visit to my hospital consultant over being ill on statins after many years on them,the consultant said he would give me cod liver oil capsule to reduce the inflammation in my arteries,i have stents fitted & have been in hospital for an ablation which they did not do as my heart was found to be OK.I was getting ectopic heart beat & have had a loop system fitted at one stage.I said to the consultant that I take cod liver oil capsules every day & he replied not this type these have eicosapentaenic acid plus DHA.I was taking these tablets for a few months till I had a bout of unstable angina end august/September eight days in all.An angiogram was done & was told most stents are ok & only drug treatment was required,I still had some fish oil tabs in hand till mid november but when I asked for a repeat percription these where refused as the said the heart consultant said they are no good for me.Well over xmas I have had more ecoptic heart beats & day after boxing day had one in the bath room which made fall backwards like I was pole axed,luckily stumbled back on to a linen box.These beats in the past have been in seconds only,has the oils helped me for a few months as I cannot swear I did not have any attacks.I went to my own doctor just after holidays & he said there was nothing wrong with my heart at least when he was listening & would give me the fish oils.I looked up on the internet & came up with University of Maryland Medical centre Omega-3-Fatty acids & they say it reduces inflammations in the arteries an interesting article to read,I told my doctor this & he said stop reading the internet they do not work.I cannot get onto the consultant who gave me them in the first place as he is off sick,but what I have done is get a bottle of oils with EPA 825 &DHA550 & start taking a spoon full a day as think that is about the same as two Tabs a day.I am going to see the chemist who dispensed the tabs to see the EPA & DHA levels in the capsules.I will keep a record to see if the beats stop.

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I would like to add that my doctor would not give me a repeat for the fish oils,I missed the NOT out.


Well done for your perseverance - seems we have to do more & more research on our own in order to get answers - hope things get here soon x


I also have AF, Tachy, Angina and PH. I have had my 4 pulmonaries done in one ablation and 38 burns on the main chamber which took over 7.5 hours. The third after a quick look around and flat lining me, ending up with a femoral leak they decided not to proceed and look at a pace and ablate but they have since cancelled that. PH does not go well with it it seems.

I used to take fish oil for a long time but stopped. /which as a little after I started to get the jazz heart effect and angina. My GP'd will not issue rescue meds so I do not see them looking at the fish oil.

Be Well



I have AF, PH and COPD. I took fish oil for many years, but last year when PH was diagnosed I was given blood thinners - Apixaban - I discovered I couldn't take omega 3 with them. It may of course depend on the blood thinner you take.



Hi Enigma 22, I am also on apixaban

but have not been told not to have fish oils.


'The Great Statin Con' comes to mind.

Heart Doctors are now saying people are having heart attacks with LOW or NORMAL cholesterol, High cholesterol = less chance of a heart attack.

Kidney Failure and Cataracts and many more (not forgetting heart attacks) are side effects of taking statins.

Do more Googling Bootyasdict. My Mum improved no end coming off her statin, it saved her life.

Best anti inflammatory vitamins for lungs are D3, K2 and A.


Hi Coast Walker,I was on statins for years,40mg Atorvastatin,I was also taking Metformin,type 2 diabetic.At one stage I could not walk across the road without being out of breath & exhausted.So doc stopped the metformin to see if that was doing it but no it still carried on.My surgery was getting a new computer installed & I ran out of statins for about a week & started to feel getting better.Once I got them again I was ill again in a couple of days,I was feeling breathless & no energy,wife & I went shopping ,I had just walked across the pavement into the shop & I could go no further,I had to go back in the car.I went back to my doctor who said you have to stay on them & put up with the side effects.I took the decision to stop them,I was a lot better after that & that is why they sent me to a consultant that put me on the fish oils.I am on a trial injection once a fortnight,it maybe a placebo or not but my doc & this consult do not think so with the results they are getting.My diabetic tests where 6.7 the other morning & that is without metformin.I am also on apixaban,but I have not been told not to have fish oils.I will send the report from Maryland University to my heart consultant to see what he says.I have spent hour on google & have seen reports of mummies from 2000yrs ago having signs of arteriosclerosis disease,digs at the burial grounds around the pyramid found small tubes of calcium,A tribe over Alaska way mummies were found & some had signs of disease,they ate what they could find in the wild,no chippies around in them days,so what is it,some of us get this bug in our blood & some do not,I read about a family were some of them were overweight & did not get heart disease whilst some did.I had a bifurcation in one of my arteries,how does this happen if blood is flowing one way,to do this it must have spin on it & throw heaver particles out wards,but I am not medically trained,I remember this when I was a ships engineer on oil purifiers, they spun at high speed throwing out the sand deposits onto plates.I spend hours looking on the internet.


Pleased to hear you are off the statins, Only good apparently I read ages ago for people with cholesterol over 300.

Also your body produces and needs cholesterol.

Also normal High cholesterol usually meant years ago before thyroid bloods were done that you had a low thyroid problem called Hypothyroidism. Low Thyroid and high Cholesterol have an inverse affect on each other. Treat the Low Thyroid and the High Cholesterol comes down.

Also statins can bring on Diabetes or make diabettes worse.

There was a survey on some post menopausal women who were given statins and 80%+ of them ended up with diabettes.

Yes odd how some people have problems when others don't, one day it will be worked out. Vaccines, medications (side effects) and what we eat probably plays a big part.

Good you are on the fish oils.

(Calcium build up is one big problem in arteries.)

Also need to make sure all bloods like vit B12, vit D ferritin, iron, folate are all good in range too, not bottom of the range.

I too spend hours researching on the internet Bootyasddict, it's the only way to find out the truth about medical issues.

Recently I met an elderly man who had been quite a fit man for his age, he said he'd not long had a heart attack, I asked if he was on Statins by any chance ? he said yes and that he was so pleased he was on the statins as he felt they were helping him ???


Hi Booth

Just saw this post. My Dr. has given me a script for Statins. Haven't gotten it filled. Read so much bad about them. Does the fish oil help with cholesterol?

Rubyxx 😊


Hi Ruyred,I do not know if they help cholesterol.I have taken cod liver oil tabs for years & told the consultant that,but he said these are different they help keeping the inflammation of the arteries down.It kept my ecoptic heart beats down but the heart consultants said it did not have any effects after heart attacks,so they wrote to my doctor to stop them,this must have been well into September,but I had had a prescription renewed & ran out in December or so,on the 9th December my ecoptic heart beats started again,so I bought a bottle of Norse Omega 3 end of December,one teaspoon a day & they have now stopped.I am not a medical man all I know is they have stopped.I took Avastin 40mg for years but a couple of years back now I was ill,out of breath & exhausted.I ran out of them & did not get a prescription for over a week but by I was feeling better,on restarting them I was back to square one.I was referred to a consultant who is an expert on statins & this omega 3 is what he put me on.I am also on a trial injection every two weeks & this consultant said he would like to get his hands on it for his patiences as my blood results are very good.


Does that fish oil have the after taste? I am going to vitamin shop and might pick some up today. Thanks..

Rubyxx 😊


Hi,It does a bit,it has a lemon taste & I bought it off amazon.Nordic oil it is called,I looked for the highest EPA825 & DHA550 I could find,this is the up on omega 3 as in some people it can cause problems.I went to a chemist to ask about the buying the tabs the consultant gave,he said they where about £40 a box & not a big box at that.All I know is they work for me,Google University of Maryland Medical Center Omega-3fatty acids,this gives you a report.I have taken cod liver oil tabs for years but the EPA & DHA are not very high.


I have resently been put on statins 40mg because after having a blood test for other medication I am taking showed my cholesterol at 8 and it should be 5. The nurse said I could control it with my diet or tablets I chose the tablets. She also said to eat plenty of fish


Hi Amanda,You may of course be OK on statins,I was for awhile till my problems started.It was only that i did not get a new prescription for over a week I noticed that I was feeling better.Doc tried me on 10mg on another statin OK for a week then just as bad again.Not had any for a couple of years now.On a trial injection now every two weeks,do not know results but my doctor seems happy with blood results.


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