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Christmas and New Year

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Hope you have all had a good Christmas and a Very Happy 2016. My last guests went home today. My lovely Grandaughter Jodie, with her wonderful future husband Sean, (They are getting married in Cancun in June this year) and not forgetting their two well behaved children Harvey almost 4 and Harrison 15 months. Such lovely great grandchildren, a lovely little family.

I have three appointments this coming week and am not looking forward to it at all. Tomorrow I have my ESA assessment at 11, estate agent at 2. Wednesday, I have ESA advisor, Thursday, I have to go all the way from Portsmouth to Southampton on my own for my PIP assessment. That's the one I am dreading. I went to bed with a sore throat, today I have woken with a caugh.......I will let you all know how that one goes, wish me luck.

Hope that you are all well xx

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Lovely photo Linda and so pleased you enjoyed Christmas and New Year. Try not to worry about anything and hope you stay well. Xxx

They came to my home to do my pip assessment

It took about a hour and a half bring with you all the documentation u have supporting your disability a letter from your GP would b good

Good luck

Maggie xx

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Thanks Maggie, I can't get passed the receptionist to get a letter and lv reading? She said I would have to pay £10 for each, and I wouldn't get it for a couple of weeks? I only got my date for the assessment 2 weeks ago for this Thursday. I am going into the doctor's again tomorrow to try again X



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As long as u have some documents Linda you should b fine I waited 9 mths for my appointment but after that it's quick about 2 weeks u will.get ur money and it's backdated.


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I asked at my GP because I am claiming PIP and she said they send a form to you GP to fill in

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They usually do but not all GPs will fill it in and return it - mine didn't because they were not paid a fee to do so.

All the best for your heavy week, Linda. Hope everything goes as you would like it to happen.

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Linda1853 in reply to Ergendl

Thank you,

My week became a lot easier actually, thank goodness. My appointment for yesterday changed, they cancelled due to sickness. My PIP assessment I managed to move from Friday in Southampton to today in Portsmouth, my home city. The assessment is now completed, just got to wait now?

Happy New Year to you X

I hope that you are well at the moment?


Good luck, hope the journey doesn't take too much out of you.

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Linda1853 in reply to Snodgrass

I managed to change it from Friday in Southampton to today in my home city of Portsmouth. The assessor was really nice too....

I hope that you are well


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Snodgrass in reply to Linda1853

Well at least something went right!

Hoping your assessment will produce the result you want, Linda. All the best, M.

Hi Linda good luck mate with the ESA i was lucky and i wasn't asked to go to one, have you heard of the Benefits and Work Homepage, they have a lot of great info on how to get through that meeting, some of the stuff needs you to join up for a yearly fee but there's still loads of useful info for free, anyway good luck remember to tell them about your worst days first that what i did

bye for now suebun

oh just seen you're done it, i hope you get a great result Linda

byee suebun

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