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Our G-G-Generation

​(...From about 2:50 on it's a HOOT and 9 quarters...!!! )​

​The hit from the world's oldest rock band and most unlikely global superstars - The Zimmers - with a 90-year-old lead singer and a combined age of more than 3,000. This cover of The Who's My Generation is filmed in the Beatles' studio at Abbey Road. This is the band that showed the world that you're never too old to rock...

*** The Zimmers story ***

BBC documentary-maker Tim Samuels set out to make a film about how badly the elderly are treated in Britain - and decides to form a band with the lonely old people he finds in care homes, tower blocks and bingo halls. No-one takes Samuels' idea seriously until he comes across record label owner Neil Reed - and U2 producer Mike Hedges - who believe that the elderly should be given a voice and manage to get access to the Beatles' old studio at Abbey Road.....​(more at site)

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Brilliant !!

Very thought provoking, this should be televised nationwide at peak times.

What a fun time they all had, as they say, life in the old dog.

I saw the Who live singing my generation when l was a teenager, l enjoyed the Zimmers just as much.

Velvet xx


Well...., they've already been a BIG THING in Britain as you can see from this a few years ago:



I must have been on my recliner hibernating when that happened, not unusual for me !!

I must admit , it's not a programme l watch, but it looks as if l missed something good.

Velvet xx


Brilliant, could do with that as the signature tune of a group I go to as we are trying to make out city age friendly, which requires new images of what the active elderly of today are like and have to give to society. Rather than the image of an inactive person in an old peoples home waiting to die as my mum used to say.thank you :) :)