So, have bought a juicer (in the sale!). Have looked on tinternet but most recipes are American and some ingredients not readily available at my local Tesco/Morrisons/Co-op etc.

Do any members juice regularly and, if so, do you have some favourite recipes which include all the good stuff we should be having but which also taste good! Particularly interested in 'green' juicing.



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  • Hi Maureen I to have bought a juicer in sales

    Hoping someone will post recipes to get me


  • Ah, great minds think alike. There are recipes out there but as I said, mostly American and some of the ingredients are not readily available here. Just looking for tried and tested recipes, with ingredients that are easily available and not expensive. If you come across any please share!

  • Hi, Try pinterest they have loads of juicing recipes (www. Pinterest. Com) pat

  • Thanks Pat. Will have a look.



    1 med apple unpeeled

    4 slices fresh pineapple peeled

    2 large handfuls spinach or kale

    1/2 (half) Avocado peeled n stone removed. Of course.

    1/3 one third Cucumber unpeeled.

    5 cm. Broccoli stem

    2 Sticks Celery

    Wash everything and blend till smooth.

    This is one I make n love will post another tomorrow if you want. Enjoy


  • Thanks Hannah. Please do post more recipes.


  • Hi Mo13

    I have been juicing and blending for the past 5 years, not a cold or flu in all that time.

    I more or less use the same ingredients every day, but this is for 2 people as my girlfriend loves it. You will note that i have several posts on here about the benefits. In addition to juicing you need a blender as there are certain fruits, like banana, which should not be juiced. Also a very important part of your healthy diet should include berries, they are full of vitamins and are a natural anti oxidant, these also should not be juiced.

    I start by juicing a whole carrot and an orange, plus 2 sticks of celery, kale or spinach, a lime/lemon, small beetroot or half a large one, ginger, 2 x apples and mint.

    This is the base for my smoothie which i add to my blender. In my blender i will add a banana, plus small handfuls of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries ( i buy these frozen) and half a mango. Honey to taste.

    I pour 2 large glasses of this juice which we have immediately, the remainder goes into a plastic jug and i will have another glass at lunchtime, plus another one before my evening meal.

    No cold or flu for 5 years, so it works.



  • Thanks Merv. They sound good. Will give them a try.


  • Thanks for posting. I'm going to try this! How much kale do you use? (Hate the crap!)

  • Hi nfanning,

    I love kale in a stir fry but it's a bit powerful juiced. I use one big stalk but add honey to my juice to mask the taste of the kale, lime and beetroot....i hate beetroot.


  • Hi,I have been juicing rubbarb & summer fruits from farm foods stores.I buy frozen packets of rubbarb three for£2.00 & three packets of summer fruits £1.00 a packet.I use a large pan with one packet of each,I also use black grapes,a good hand full,a small amount is sugar,bring to just starting to simmer,then put into juicer till I hear the tone change,this takes two goes to use all in pan. I get three Ltrs from this,put in fridge & have a whisky glass each day.I have been doing this for a few years now.

  • Brilliant. Thanks for that.

  • There's s really good documentary called fat, sick and nearly dead on Netflix about a guy who starts juicing to try to turn his life around. It's brilliant.

    He also has an app called 101 juice recipes- reboot with Joe. It's pretty cool. You can select ingredients and see what juices they have - would highly recommend it

  • Will have a look at that. Sounds really interesting. Thanks.


  • He is an Australian guy. Some great recipies.

    Link below.


  • Thanks for the link.


  • Which juicer did you buy? Because at least one recipe above that you sound happy with will leave a sticky mess in a juicer... but would be fine in a blender.

  • It's a Hinari, 8 in 1 blender/juicer/chopper/whatever else you might want it to do!

  • Hi Mo13. I have a Nutribullet which came with a recipe book and I have bought more recipe booklets from The Works bookshop and they have the second book of recipes by the author of the book and recipe called called fat, sick and nearly dead which is full of new recipes which he wrote because so many wanted him to do so, it does have American ingredients but he has added the British alternatives to most of them and what they are for.

    Hope you gain some benefit from Juicing as I found that I have more energy and as Swerv wrote it does seem to keep the old cold and flu devils at bay. One tip for anybody juicing "ALWAYS" buy organic spinach as it is one of the few leafy plants that holds insecticides in the leaf so is not too healthy for you.


  • Thanks, good advice re spinach.

  • You Are so welcome and I find that if I am researching online when I type UK at the end you do get more UK centred items that just Googling it.

    Take care and remember to live life to the full as time is fleeting.


  • Thanks again. I will remember that.

  • I bought a juicer on Wednesday before New Year (lost track of dates) sadly ended up in A and E Thursday morning so haven't even got it out of box, some easy English recipes would be great to try! Lol

  • Hi Mo13 and other juicers.

    I wanted to update my views on juicing by adding that at the moment Aldi's is selling frozen mango and pineapple chunks along with berry’s and blueberry and raspberry's, which last a lot longer than the packs of chilled ones in most supermarkets, and are as good as the fresh ones.

    My usual juice, in the large Nutri cup, is a handful of rinsed organic spinach, kale and carrot batons, then I add 4 large strawberries quartered along with 4 frozen mango chunks, 4 pineapple, blueberries, and 10 walnuts or cashew nuts as a boost. After rinsing and adding them to the jug I add a tablespoon of chia seeds (£1.79 at Home Bargains) and a tablespoon of cacoa powder (Tesco) and fill to the line using Vita Coco, coconut water (1.99 in Aldi's)(£3.99 Tesco!) and juice it all for 30 seconds in my Nutri Bullet. I then pour the mix into the 2 smaller cups and put one in the fridge and heat the other in the microwave – only because I can't take cold drinks early morning as it causes a stomach ache. This mix does help give me energy and most of the recommended fruit and veg needed.

    Hope this is of some help.


  • That sounds good. Thanks very much. Interesting variation in prices too! Mo

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