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hi everyone happy new year its been a while since l have been on this site but what l want to know is as anyone been recently put on oxygen l have been put on it in the last few weeks and l had my oxygen nurse out to see me but what l want to say is they have given me a canular to wear up my nose and it has made my nose very sore l was going to ask for a mask but she said no and l was just thinking why this is she never explained it to me ld be great full for any replies

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Ask your oxygen suppliers for curved canulars if you dont already have them they are much more comfortable..i cant ware the straight ones they hurt my nostrils too ....all you have to do is ring the number on the front of your oxygen machine tomorrow and they will pop some in the post

Check with the guys who deliver your oxygen, they have loads of stuff on their vans and are always pleased to help.

Can i ask you somethink do you ever have a problem if your breath has stopped..im waking up gagging to get breath..and its frightening me im asma but this aint asthma hope yoh dont mind me asking reguards dawnxxx

bigfattoe it sounds like you're having sleep apnoea. Speak with yoru doctor.

You can get soft cannulas. Paediatric cannulas are very soft. Your oxygen supplier will carry them.

Ok ohh thats strange happening now at my time of life always had good sleeps..in fact brilliant but last two months this has been happening thank you so much for your help...i will make apo to doctors...and let yoy know reguards dawnxx

Cannulae are easier to maintain -- just give them a rub with a damp cloth. Also, you breathe more normally than you would with a mask -- which makes eating a bit difficult, too.

You need to use a skin cream on the base of your nose -- NOT Vaseline or other petroleum based ointments!! -- to relieve the soreness and try to keep your nose dry to stop your skin from getting painful. You'll get used to the cannula sooner than you think!

My respiratory nurse advises to use KY Jelly inside the nose to stop the soreness it worked well for me.

take care

polly xx

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