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Aretha singing Carol King's You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Woman) at the Kennedy Awards last night.

You can see it was a total surprise to Carol K, she's totally overcome. Imagine the Camerons clapping, singing along like the Obamas are doing? Don't think so. And Aretha is 73 (and an ex smoker but we won't dwell on that ;) ) What a star.

Happy and healthy as possible new year to everyone xxx

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  • Thank you love that song. Happy New Year. x

  • You too love xx

  • Fabulous - thanks for posting and a very Happy New year to you 02 !!! :)

  • Oh thank you so much 02. Thw world's greatest soul singer and leading glamazon ( get the fur coat and Kardashions eat your hearts out)

    Happ And Healthy 2016 to you.

  • Wonderful - thank you! x

  • Love Aretha Franklin, and Carole King even more so. Sad that Gerry Goffin died last year. My fave Aretha song is Until You Come Back to Me

  • Not sure if this will work Hanne.

    yes, there it is x

  • Oh thank you Trees ;) how kind of you to find it. Yes that's the one. It's sad but has lovely memories for me xxx

  • A pleasure Hanne xx

  • Trees, haha, just took it in. Im going for a rename very soon.

  • Won't keep intruding on your post but are you an Etta James fan too?

  • Intrude away my dear :) Ive been listening to her all day.

  • Really?? That's such a coincidence, I've been scrolling through various different versions of "I'd rather go blind". You have very good taste ;) Thanks for the clip x

  • A total lesson in how to be a complete diva, stunning performance, she's singing better now then when she was in her younger days, I think she looks fabulous too, how you spending New Years Jean? I already have my onesy on, after lovely bath and hair wash, I really know how to lug in the edge !!!! oh and reading Edna o'brien's new book, very good xxxx

  • Pauline Black on Jools at the mo, Medow. Fab xxx

  • Missed Pauline black, fig it xx

  • And any chance on some Nina simone or Bessie smith? I settle for a little (not possible) grace Jones xxxxx

  • Here you go:

    Btw hope we get to meet to Sissinghurst sometime in 2016.

    Was going to go on the beach for the fireworks, usually do, but too cold so staying in with Rita and our close Hackney friend Sue who is staying over.

    And watching Jools :)

    Happy new year to you Medow xxxxx

  • Yep will do sissinghurst, Nina simone gets me everytime, fireworks on the beach sounds good, will probably nip down to the coast where you are very soon, bit of new year sky xxxx

  • Aretha! Nina Simone! What a sensational way to see the new year in.

    Thanks for the videos ladies.

  • Priceless.

  • WOW! Fabulous 02Trees. I defy anyone to top that ...especially at 73 years old. XX

  • Happy new year 02trees

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