Sick of the medical world

Sick of the medical world

I'm so sick of having to deal with the medical profession. I asked for a copy of my last lung function test,to give a charity who were willing to help me,and your have thought I was asking for state secrets.My resp nurse point blank refused,my gp is ignoring my request,and my consultant has just phoned saying she'll write a letter stating my condition and worsening lung function but won't give me my last lung function test results.Dealing with the NHS is driving me to the brink.I have no one medical professional who'll help support me,and it feels very lonely.I don't want to whinge,because I'm very blessed in a lot of ways,but as someone who has a terminal diagnosis,and who's trying to get onto the transplant list,while dealing with acute medical issues,I'm so alone.And I wish there was one Dr who'd deal with me as a whole.But I guess most of us are in the same boat.

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I feel for you as l care for hubby who is trying to get an MRI scan locally but they are reluctant because of the MRI compatible spinal cord stimulator.

Don't give up and keep asking for what seems like your right. Good luck to you and love the

I maybe wrong but I don't think they can refuse for you to see all your notes and results I got all my medical note from the gps any thing they have on computer they printed and it cost £10.00 if you wanted copy's of written notes it would have been I think £50 , also you should be able to get a copy of all hospital notes too , I just asked by consultant if I could have a copy of my full lung test when I went to see him to discuss my results he said yes of course you can after all they are your results , by the way its very intrested reading your medical note I have a copd nurses come to the house they write down what you say and add alittle bit more that half time you never said and wasn't ture they even long how long they are there or how long on phone to you every phone call was 5 mins even two that was both a message on answer phone saying its the nurse ringing to see if your ok please call me back ,

All doctors have there own rules some don't even give out rescue packs. The last time I was in hospital I asked for a copy of my discharge letter and they gave it to me. And the things are about you so I don't see why they make a fuss about you having a copy take care one has a right to keep you in the dark as to you health it's upsetting me just reading it let alone having to live with it.

Don't have a clue what gets into these doctors .......

Other members on this forum who have a lot more experience then me have said on meny posts that it's your right to have the results of your tests and I believe that to be true.

Take it easy and take care.


You should ask to receive copies of the letters that your consultant sends to your GP. You have an absolute right to see your medical records so have a look a tthis and try again. Good luck

marie x

Hi Gothmum,

I always ask the technician who does the lung function test for a copy. He has never refused and prints one off so I can compare against previous tests.

Its not always what I want to see but I'm not one to bury my head in the sand. Also they can be useful when claiming benefits or getting some help etc .


Hi I am Jimmy I come from Ayrshire as I see you are having a lot of problems down your way yet my respiratory nurses could not be any nicer even my doctor is on top of everything I to get my oxygen from Dolby which are not the best but at the that services my machine just stays afew miles from me and I used to work with his dad so we get on well so hears hoping everything starts to pick up for you I have sent you another message regarding oxygen portables if interested

Hi, Love, it is your right to see, and get copies of, all your health records held by any medical body. My Husband had to get his for a claim for medical negligence, and had no problems getting them from his GP,and unlike Malcom, he didn't have to pay for them.

It must be very frustrating not knowing your results in this situation, and I hope you get some satisfaction soon.

Best wishes,


Under the data protection act you have the right to see or obtain a copy of all records held on you, whether that's at work, doctor's surgery or in hospital. You don't have to ask your doctor for "permission".

Ask your surgery manager or receptionist for a copy of their data protection process and how to obtain your records. They cannot refuse. They can charge you for it up to a max of £50 for a copy of all your records. If it's one specific item you're after, it's probably a lot less.

With regards to your hospital records - ask PALs next time you're in hospital for their procedure or go to the hospital website - it will be on there. Download the relevant paperwork, send it off incl payment and you should get the requested documents back within 30 days I believe.


I think it's good for you to have a copy it does not effect your treatment

I sent an email to my GPS practice manager,and sent a letter,and She's trying to fob me off.Now I want to know why they're all so reluctant to give me my notes,So its pushing me on even more.Hubby's handing another,differently worded,letter in today.Thanks for everyone's replies to my post,I appreciate you all taking the time to reply.Take care

I thought you have a legal right to a copy of these things.........your medical team sound like a nightmare

You are definitely entitled to a copy of your lung function test results - I just can't understand why they won't let you have them. You must just keep insisting as it is your right. Good Luck and I hope things get better for you. Happy and Healthy New Year to you too.


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