After being forced into early retirement because the stress of my job caused more and more flare ups in my RA, I yesterday collected my new puppy, Alfie. Sounds a bit mad - combination of sever RA, severe asthma and a puppy, doesn't it. But I know myself too well. I need a lot of motivation to actually leave the house, and with a puppy you have no choice!

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  • What a fab Christmas present. I'm sure you will enjoy walking and getting to know your puppy. If you can post a picture.

    Keep well and have a great 2016.


  • Hi Helen, how lovely. What 'make' of puppy is it? It's those first few weeks of house training that are the toughest isn't it, but after that a joy and a good way to stay healthy. My little pom is the heartbeat at my feet. He keeps me going on days when the struggle is just too much, too tiring and nobody understands. After I have done my nebs we will be going out for our walk.

    I hope that your new companion brings you loads of laughs, happiness and love.

  • Oh how lovely what breed is he can we see photo

    Carole xx

  • Alfie is a schnoodle - miniature schnauzer and poodle. I have tried putting a photo but although it appeared to 'go' it hasn't appeared! I'll try again.

  • Hi that's a great idea to get a puppy! I found when I left work that I lacked motivation to get out of bed in the morning and face the day. Because of work we all have structure in our lives, so when you leave it you have to make your own. Taking my sisters dog out everyday was a Godsend to me as it forced me up and out, and provided some structure for me.

    As my sister is disabled and can't dog walk, when she got her latest dog (6 now) I agreed to do the dog walking. I know if I didn't take her out she wouldn't get a walk at all so this spurs me on. Dog walkers in general are a very friendly lot and I have made new friends as well which is a definite bonus :)

    I hope you and your puppy have lots of wonderful times and walks and the plus side is you will get a lot fitter... It's a win win situation. Well done. x

  • I find walking painful, but I do need to take more exercise. At the moment, apart from shopping, the only exercise I do is swimming twice a week.

  • Well you will get plenty of exercise with a puppy! x

  • I wish you luck. I had a dog named Alfie too. I have to give him back to the dogs trust because my breathing was getting worse and he wasn't getting the exercise he needed. And that was one of the worst things I have ever had to do giving him back.

  • I was visiting a rescue centre when a lady was giving her dog back and she was distraught! It must have been really awful!

  • Yes it was like loosing a member of your family. Hope your dog gives you plenty of happiness. And your RA doesn't get any worse. Because I wouldn't recommend the the way it affected me to my worst enemy

  • My RA has been stable for about 5 years although I'm still in constant pain, despite taking dihydrochloride, methotrexate, steroids and injecting Enbrol. I'm hoping that the dog walking will, as well as getting me up in the morning, get a bit of weight moving!

  • Helen it will be the best exercise you can get and you will meet people fantastic enjoy

  • It will, once he's had his injections. I can't wait to walk further than round the garden!

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