Hi there everyone,

I'm writing on behalf of my Mum who has COPD. SHE IS IN HOSPITAL at the moment with exacerbation of the condition. In fact this is the 23rd time she has been in this year. She's also got spinal stenosis and epilepsy, but as we know The NHS will fundamentally only deal with one chronic issue at a time, but the whole package of problems that she

has means hospital visits are very uncomfortable for her. Her consultant at Aintree Hospital says she has something resembling "floppy airways" which is the main reason why she has a season ticket at Aintree!

Has anybody been told anything similar to this? ? And how do you cope with it? BTW I am also My mums carer as well as 4 visits a day from social services caring... That's a different story but one that makes my blood boil. Thank you for reading

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  • Bless you and your poor mum. Things do seem very difficult for her. I hope someone will reply soon with helpful advice. I just wanted to offer support as a carer.

    Hoping you and your dear mum get help very soon.

    Take care Xxx

  • Thank you for your kind words. So nice to feel some support at last!

  • Hi paulyvous

    Sorry to hear about your Mum having a bad year in and out of hospital.

    Basically, Floppy Airways is to do with the COPD, the airways, alveoli, AIr sacs become enlarged, and lose their shape and become floppy. This causes less air to go in and out of your lungs.

    Velvet xx

  • Thanks very much. Thats really helpful!

  • Hi paulyvous

    You have found a brilliant site for help and support,

    Take a tip from me...next time you post something,.. Lock it....

    This means only members of this site can view it and the replies..not the rest of the world.

    To do this, next time you write a post, scroll down and above submit you will see ..who can view this...the default is set to everyone...you tick Community.

    You will know if you have done this right, as a little padlock symbol will be displayed next to your post after you submit it.

    You can get loads of information from the British Lung Foundation, there are also specialised respiratory nurses you call telephone for help and advice.

    So you are not on your own anymore.

    We also have a few laughs on here to cheer you up if you are feeling down.

    Best wishes

    Velvet xx

  • Thanks velvet 55. Will certainly take that on board in future. Speak again soon hopefully.

  • Hi, I have been diagnosed as having a floppy airway on bronchoscopy. The medical name for it is tracheomalacia. Basically it means the cartilage in the windpipe goes soft and floppy and collapses in on itself when breathing. This results in extreme exhaustion and breathlessness. Treatments are CPAP, stents and surgery. In the UK treatments are limited at the moment although there are some research projects underway.

  • Sorry to hear that your mum is in hospital again. Hope she improves soon. Wishing you both well xx

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