A visit to A&E

Well my week started with chest infection thursday .started emergency abs .couldnt sleep all night stayed sorted present out .andwatch tv till wife got up at 6 oclock .we prepared all veges ready for dinner then sat down with a cup of tea.all the family came round swapped present.had family round for dinner then played with grandkids .by this time I was feeling sob and tired.but ii could manage .why the trip to a&e then. Well the wife went upstaires to the loo and then fell down the stairs comeing down .Her arm bruised and swollen and a nock to her head needless to everybody pannicking.anyhow at a&e they checked her over and gave her an xray .shes got a fractured elbow and numerous bruises.luckily didnt take to long at a&e but need to go back monday to see what treatment is needed.so its reverse rolls in our house I get to be nurse for a while .Happy new year to all and lets be carefull out there.dave

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  • oh dear not a good end to the day hope she recovers quickly good luck to her for Monday , hope you too are feeling better soon , does her nurses outfit fit you ok now you have reversed roles ,

  • Hi mmzetor ive tried to get her to wear one but she drclined.makes a change for me to be incharge .shes a little grumpy this morning but shes in pain otherewise shes ok hope you had a nice christmas and have a good new year .dave

  • Ah not a good day never nice when these things happen both try and rest up now and take it easy x

  • Thanks schmapps1 .daughter and husbsand rallying round were ok grandkids making us laughth.been a.bit of a long day.have a good new year.dave

  • Hi Dave sorry to hear about your wife's mishap, a rest for her then if you reversed roles :-) looks like a quiet new year on the cards for you both. take care both of you and best wishes for the new year. jan x

  • Thank you grannyjan. Yes it will be quiet nights in front of tv with the wife.shes perked up a bit though.so maybe a bottle of wine and box of chocs for her and me .looking forward to new year .havd a great new year .dave

  • Hope your wife starts too feel better soon. Have a few quiet days and both of you can stay up to 12.03 New Years Eve as I guess the Hockey Cocky will be out this year.

    Cheers Sue

  • Thanks sue shes a lot better today. Her sister has taken her bargain hunting in the town. Have a good new year .dave

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