Well ,,,,I made it all through thanks to my family ,

Merry Christmas everyone ,,,,,it was touch and go this morning ,,,,,as to wether I went into hospital after my worst night,,,,,,but decided to tough it it out and instead of us going to our daughters for a few days , ( no chance ) ,,,,meals on wheels arrived ,,,courtesy of our brilliant son in law who cooked us a full Christmas dinner and bought it over to us ,and enough for tomorrow ,,, after just bread and butter for 9 days ,,,,I actually managed a whole tea plateful ,,,,,( I had to after all his hard work )

,as he came through the door armed with lunch ,,,,he was closely followed by our daughter and grandaughter armed with gifts ,,,,I ended up having a lovely few hours my family ,,,,,they went home ( as I was exhausted) and had their dinners ,,,,,

No photos to show you sadly , I really don't think you'd like me in pjs and no make up hahA, now in bed ,,,,absolutely ,,,, shattered,,,,,,,but I made it That's the main thing .

Now matter how Ill we feel ,,, it isn't just us that feel the pain ,,, it affects all our loved ones ,,,

Wishing you all ,a very merry Christmas ,

and a very happy and extremely healthy new year ,

God Bless you all for thinking of me ,,,I'm overwhelmed ,

Night night ,

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  • I am so glad that you managed to enjoy part of the day and I think we all have to thank our families for their care, and be thankful if we have them. Kaye.

  • So pleased you are feeling better & that you avoided hospital. Instead getting time with your family and a proper Christmas meal. Onwards & upwards, Love Margaret x

  • Sorry to hear you're not well. My husband has emphysema and pulmonary fibrosis and is on oxygen 24/7 and has had an awful chest infection all week which is being treated with antibiotics. He was so ill last week I thought he wouldn't be seeing Christmas. He still has an awful chest infection which he says is making him feel really weak. He made an effort for Christmas Day and got through it all and I know it wasn't easy for him. He had a good Christmas as I can see you did. It can't have been easy for you as I could see it was a struggle for my husband to be part of my day. Best wishes.

  • I am so pleased for your hubby,and of course for you to ,I know what he means about dealing really weak,,,,,,,but like your hubby we found some inner strength to get through the day ,,,,,just hope and pray he ,,,,and I ,,,,and any one else in discomfort is soon feeling loads better ,


  • Nanny, so glad you enjoyed Christmas Day even although you felt poorly.

    It was very thoughtful of your family to bring your dinner round to you.

    Hope you feel better soon

    Merry Christmas & a Happy Healthy New Year πŸŽˆπŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸŽπŸŽ‰

  • merry Christmas hope your having fun with the family ,

  • Merry Christmas Malcolm πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸŽ„πŸŽ I'm having a lovely time with my family thanks.

    We had a delicious meal cooked by my daughters & brother in law.

    Played with my grandaughter's toys & games that Santa brought.

    Chatted, laughed, reminisced, facetimed my daughter & family in Cambridge, watched a little tv.

    Boxing Day today so will be having more of the family round. Six wee ones running around! A noisy, happy day!

    Hope you & Dawn had a lovely time & you have fully recovered from your infection.

    Hope Santa was good to you both πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸŽπŸŽ…πŸ»πŸŽπŸŽ…πŸ»πŸŽ

  • glad you had a lovely day , we had a good time too , was feeling very rough in the morning though I might end but in hospital breathing was really bad when I got up but by lunch time I was fine and for the rest of day , don't know if it was from laying down over night , dawn was very ill at bed time but hers was wine then half bottle of baileys ,as the youngest went to his dads in the afternoon I had the evening planed to watch call the mid wife mrs browns boys and of corse downton just had some tea and our friend from up the road came round then her daughter and her bf turned up so they stayed till mid night so glad I had set recorder so will be watching them today , take care have a good day with the family

  • Glad you had a lovely day ,,,,,I must be the only person never to have watched Dounten ,,,,,haha,,,,,,hubby will be hogging the TV for football ,but Newcastle are on BT SPORT ,,,but ,thanks to our son in Law, who has just set it up on my iPad so he can watch it live,,,,,,thank goodness my family bought me a mini iPad ,,,,it's not so heavy for my very weak arms ,,,,and I get a day in bed ,

    Enjoy your day ,,,,hope Dawns hangover isn't tooooo bad ,lol

  • dawns lucky im not into sport , never can see the point of watching someone kicking a ball backwards and forwards for 90 mins , and golf is even worse lol , dawn has woken up ok on phone to her mum now that will take a good hour , well hope your feeling fully recovered soon , take it easy to day

  • No football and cricket or golf ,,,,,good for you ,,,,but I have to say it's tennis i love , glad your doing better ,what are we like ,,,,,

    us copd ,,ers always I'll at Christmas ,roll on new year ,take care ,

  • I know just two days out of a year when you really want to feel well the copd has to hit us then seems to know when you have something special planed ,

  • I don't do tennis either , when I was on the farm my boss and his wife use to love watching Wimbledon it use to be hay carting time if you was working near the farm house they had the patio doors open both laying on the settees watching it I use to think its ok for some the sweat was pouring of me the tractor cab was like sitting in an oven getting the hay in for their animals and they are laying there watching tv with there glasses of drink

  • Oh poor you ,,,,,haha ,,,I hope to get to Wimbledon 2016 ,,,,missed out last year ,

    But sounds like a nice youth working outdoors on the farm ,,,,can't gave been bad ,

  • No you are not - I have never watched it either x

  • Haha,,,,call the midwife ???? Again not for me ,,,glad I'm not alone ,my family think I'm mad and talk on the phone for ages to me about it ,,,,I tend to um and ah , I

  • are you not into drama tv then , call the midwife is really good and is based on real live in the 40s 50s

  • Not really ,I like the soaps ,not eastenders too depressing ,I haven't got the attention span I had ,,,except for my tennis lol

  • jessy i watched downton last night thought it was a bit of a let down really not as exciting finale as I thought it would have been , did you see call the mid wife I was thinking if that was us out in the snow like her don't think a warm fire and cup of drink would have got us better think it would have killed us of before we got half way there

  • Hi Malcolm, yes I watched 'Call the midwife'. That's what we were saying! One minute Sister Monica Joan is freezing to death with a horrendous cough. Then she seemed to be on her death bed. Next minute she's in the car full of life & right as rain!

    Wish we could bounce back from an infection as quickly as that!

    I haven't watched Downton yet. I wanted to see it in peace so will watch it tonight or tomorrow. Will let you know what I think about it!

    'Mr Selfridge' Is back on Tv in 2016 but not sure of the date. I love that programme too!


  • yes see its coming back on

  • Saw Mr Selfidge once ,,,,,,,but I love his stores ,,,haha,

  • Always ,,,,you watch these trailers that make you want to watch ,,,,then your dissointed,,

  • Thankyou

  • Thankyou

  • Thankyou

  • Glad you had a fantastic day with your loved ones, merry Christmas to you.


  • sorry to hear you have been so poorly but glad you enjoyed the day , merry Christmas and a happy health new year

  • Well done you! So pleased you could celebrate with family. Take care now.

    Here's to a great New Year.


  • Hope you are feeling a little better i have copd controllable at mo but my mum has ILD on oxygen 24/7 so i went and cooked dinner and today. First time ever! no interference either. Take care. Happy New Year

  • Haha,xx

  • That was a lovely outcome to Cristmas day, so glad you were able to spend some of it with the family. Now relax, take care and concentrate on getting your strength back, so you can enjoy the things you like most xx

  • Thankyou ,the thing I'm liking best at moment is ,,,,,,my bed haha

  • What a wonderful family you have Nanny - it just shows how much they think of you. I hope you are feeling a bit better soon. x

  • Hi there ,yes a beautiful family

  • HI Nanny

    So glad you didn't have to go to the hospital. Sounds like you have a lovely family. Hopefully you are now on the mend!

    Have a happy and healthy 2016.


  • Hi ,hope your Xmas was better than mine ,

    Here's a healthy new year for all ,

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