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Thanks to those who have donated their time and energy to the BLF

I have posted a similar reply on Velvets greetings, but I thought I had better do it again here too.

For all those like DallO5's daughter and friend, who ran, swam and cycled to raise funds...for cyclist from Newport and the lady on oxygen who ran a marathon.

I am sorry I am useless at remembering names, but there were many more who gave their time and effort to our charity.

And for the anonymous donors who gave their money.

Also thank you to the Breathe Easy clubs who raise funds and to the BLF workers and helpline nurses and to HU and the moderators who oil the wheels!

Sorry if I have forgotten somebody, but Seasons Greetings and thank you to all.

I am now off into the wind and rain to find chestnuts for my daughters veggie dinner....they have run out in her part of London.

Take care

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Lovely thought Knitter and I add my sincere thanks to all these wonderful people too

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Thanks knitter, I hope you and every other member has a very merry Christmas.

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Hi knitte

People who do all these wonderful things for no personal gain and to help others are marvellous.

Thank you, and a Marry Christmas to you all.

Velvet xx 🎅🎅🎅🎅


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