Well it happened I fought as best I could ,but only antibiotic that would kill the 2 bugs was CLARITHROMYCIN,or doxycycline,,,unfortunately they made me projectile vomit ,so copd nurse suggested hospital,,,,,,rang GP ,,,,who said yes ,,,,,so 48 hours intravenous anti sickness,and antibiotics ,,,,,and steroids,,,,,today I had anti sickness pills and then antibiotic pill and was ok ,,,,so allowed home ,,,,rough time but glad to be home ,i just need to eat now ,,,as have only a couple of slices of toast ,in the last 8 days ,,,,I was in Stafford hospital and I couldn't have had better care if I was paying private ,

We always hear about complaints ,,,never praise ,, so here it is


unfortunately I won't be spending it with my family but I'm having my 70th birthday in January ,,,,,so everything crossed for a bloody posh , ( top ) restaurant meal with my family ,who are my life ,,,and who I work and fight sooo hard to be them ,,,,,

Bet they pop over to see me ,,,

Merry Christmas everyone ,

And a happy and healthy new year to you all ,

P.s ,,,,,I probably won't be answering your comments as I'm

so week ( hubby writing this ) ,,,,but I know your best wishes will be with me ,and I'll get back to you all as soon as possible,

Good health everyone ,,,have a drink for me ,

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Oh ,,,,,I forgot I soooo need a bath and hair washed πŸ’ŠπŸ™πŸ»πŸ’‡πŸŒ²πŸ‘πŸ»

I can identify with that from my hospital trip. To be honest I'm gobsmacked that they left you home with so little treatment. But glad you're feeling a bit better anyway.

I did a number of 24 hour nurse to ring if needed ,,,but I know what you mean ,,,,,take care ,

Sorry to hear about the hospital visit and glad you are now at home. Take it easy and let hubby spoil you for a while. Merry Christmas - and I will send you the bill for my drink!

I hope you are soon feeling better and that 2016 will be a better year. Kaye x

Wishing you well Nanny and take it easy. Merry Christmas. Xxx

Oh so sorry you are so poorly nanny1086, just wanted to wish you well and soon and hope you can enjoy Christmas


hope you are soon better. merry Christmas happy healthy new year take care

I hope you feel better soon Nanny. Have a good Xmas. xx

Hope you feel better really soon, Nanny, and that you're fit for your birthday bash in January.

Best wishes Nanny1086 for a speedy recovery in time to celebrate your birthday next month.Take care, one step at a time xxx

So sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time. At least you are out of the hospital. As wonderful as this one sounds, I think they were right to discharge you to reduce the risk of picking up another infection. Glad you are on the mend1

Have a wonderful Christmas and healthy New Year. Hope you have a wonderful 70th!


Thank you so much for your kind thoughts ,very best wishes ,can't wait for the new year to here,

Hope things are getting better and you can enjoy a peaceful Christmas break. Have a lovely 70th birthday.



Thankyou ,sorry my comments are short but ,,,,,,well you understand

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