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Am on second lot steroids finished first lot on Thursday, on top of the world Friday, Saturday got breathless walking to kitchen so back on them and confusion accompanies them. Does anyone else find this problem or it it just a spin off of dodgy sleep pattern? Any way son is taking me to do last perishable food shop on a bit so that will be interesting.

To all those I haven't said it before have a lovely Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year for the rest a double dose won't hurt!

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Hi snodgrass, i find that a decreasing dose of steroids works better for me as I don't get that sudden drop....but I do have to take a maintenance dose everyday.

I hope you feel better soon and the shopping trip went well.

Have a great Christmas


I haven't slept properly for weeks, sometimes as little as one cycle. My brain is like porridge but maybe it would be like that anyway. Best wishes for Christmas and new year. Kaye x


Just got back from shopping with my son, I carry the list, he carries everything else but I have to unpack. I am putting stuff in fridge and thinking why did we get that we don't eat it, checked list, not there I seem to have just picked up random bits. Brain like porridge sums it up perfectly!


Hi SG, steroids certainly mess with my head. I can't ever sleep while on them and they make me cranky and easily annoyed. I haven't had confusion yet but it's probably on it's way. Hope you keep well over Christmas.


I knew about the sleep but not about easily annoyed, I had the first argument for 6 years with my son last week, may be connected. Thank you. Keep well.


I went for the Christmas food shop this morning and forgot to take the list with me.


At least if I had forgotten the list I would have an excuse for the rubbish I bought A!

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