ZEPHYR EBV study Sherwood Forest Hospitals

Hi. Spent last week in Kings Mill Hospital, Mansfield taking part in the above study GOD BLESS the NHS and all the kind and dedicated people that make it work. They again looked after me as if I was the last person on earth. Ward 44 Thank you again. From the first moment of getting provisionally excepted on this study I have received nothing but genuine care and courtesy along with expert medical help.

I am pleased to say that the treatment and valves that were inserted last Monday 14th Dec 2015 have transformed my breathing and seemed to have knocked back my condition of COPD several years. This is only my option and the doctors will have analyse their findings over the next few months but I am doing the breathing and feel so much better its unbelievable.

Its the best thing that has happened to me in years. Thank you all that are involved in this study and thank you all who work in the NHS, it is the best institution the world WE NEED TO PROTECT IT.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year I will keep up dating my progress Might just go and chase the wife around the bedroom now with my new and improved breathing.

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  • Hi Caught her thanks Merry Xmas

  • That's fantastic news Nickequin and so encouraging to hear these wonderful procedures can work so quickly.

    Thank you also for being in the trial.

    What a great Xmas present eh. Whoo hoo!!! xx

  • Thank you Couldn't have asked for more Merry Xmas

  • That's excellent , all the very best xx

  • Thank you merry Xmas

  • Thank you Merry Xmas

  • That is awesome and thank you for providing your experience. Please let us know when you have your next spirometry or PFT and how it compares to before you had the valves inserted. Do you know when your will have your next spirometry?

    So glad you are feeling an improvement.

    Merry Christmas to you as well.

  • Will do Thank You

    Merry Xmas

  • What a lovely story and such an inspiration to people to know others are working hard to improve the lives of everyone with lung conditions. Very best wishes . Hope you continue to improve in 2016

  • Thank you i will keep everyone updated Merry Xmas

  • Thank you Merry Xmas

  • Hi Nickequine

    So pleased for you. That is wonderful news. All the very best.

    Have a terrific Christmas.


  • Thank you will keep everyone updated over the next few weeks Happy Xmas

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