2 nasty little bugs

Just one ,,,just one ,,,,,it would be sooooo lovely to be well at Christmas ,instead of these nasty bugs that I cant pronounce,,,,all I know is feel like s,,,,,t,,,,,,.

Doing every thing I can to stay at home and spend it hospital again ,why oh why does it happen year after year ,,,,,,to,top it all hubby ( who is never pootprly ) has gone down with proper flu ,,,,,not man flu ,,,,,,copd nurse is coming to see me tomorrow so everything crossed that I feel better ,,,,

Hope everyone who is not at their best today ,,,,gets well real soon and enjoys a happy Christmas.

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  • That should read ,,,Not in hospital again ,

  • Hi Nanny, so sorry to hear you're not well. Bad enough at anytime but it always seems worse at this time of year! πŸŽ„

    Hope your COPD nurse can supply you with the meds you need to allow you to stay at home & be treated. πŸ€’

    Hope your hubby feels better soon. 😷

    How rotten that both of you are unwell.

    Thinking of you & hope you both get better soon.

    Merry Christmas & a Happy, Healthy New Year to you both πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰

  • Hi there ,thankyou so much for kind words ,I've been on antibiotics since Friday ,,πŸ’Š,,so they should kick in soon ,(fingers etc crossed ) as for hubby ,,,,

    Well he's never poorly and looks after me sooooo well ,,,,so it's a double whammy this time ,,,,sending you all the very best wishes for a happy Christmas ,and a healthy new year ,🌲

  • awww hope feel better soon xx

  • Hi Nanny, know exactly how you feel and I'm also hosting unwelcome guests in my lungs right now. And yes, it always seems to strike at Christmas. Hopefully you can get by on oral abs until after Christmas.

  • Hi , ,,,,I do wish my /our guests would pack their bags and leave you ,me and my hubby alone and take there stuff with them they are not welcome .

    Speedy recovery to you ,and a merry Christmas .

  • Sending my best wishes to you and hubby

    hope the two of you feel better soon.

    Have a happy Christmas and a healthy new year.


  • Thankyou ,merry Christmas and happy and healthy new year ,

  • Hope you and hubby are better in time for Christmas.

    Love from Carole xxx

  • Hi ,me to Carole,best wishes to you ,

  • Hi Nanny,

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling rough. Do you also have steroids as well as the abs?

    Hope you avoid the hospital and feel better soon.

    Have a good Christmas.


    Take ca

  • We hi ,well I thought I did ,however I was trying to avoid taking the little things ,,,,and then decided to hit the bugs with an army ,,,,but when I looked my steroids were out of date ,the copd nurse us bringing me a prescription for them in case I need to take them,

    Thanks for your kind thoughts ,

    Best wishes for a merry Christmas

  • You too! Have a good one!

    Please look after yourself.


  • Hope you both feel much better soon. Get plenty of rest.

  • Thank you Joyce ,merry Christmas

  • Hi Nanny

    I woke up today wheezy. Am using nebulizer and hoping for the best. Hubby sick all night with stomach bug!

    What next, right? Take care and feel better.😊

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Why ,,,why ,,,why do we always go down with these things at Christmas ,,,,hope you to both feel much better and able to enjoy Christmas

  • Well Friday I was told by copd nurse I have two bugs that require different antibiotics ,unfortunately all they gave me was double dose of flucloxacillin 500 mg 4 tines a day on empty stomach,,,,,,after an awful weekend feeling much worse,,,,I rang the copd team who said I should be feeling a bit better not worse ,I asked if I could take some Doxycycline and he said that's what you should have been prescribed,,,,,so he's rung GP and asked for a prescription for doxycycline,,,,,,I already a box of them ,,,,,so I just took 2 as stated on box first day,,,,,,,,then 10 minutes later I had to rush to the bathroom where I was violently sick ,,,to put it bluntly ,,, it was brown liquid stuff,,,horrible ,,,,,I'm hoping that when I get the prescription later today I won't be sick again ,

    I have never been prescribed 2 different antibiotics to take at the same time ,,, so I'm just wandering if any one else has .ive left a message at gps asking if it's ok ,,,,,,now waiting to hear from him ,,, Really really fed up now ,

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