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Saharan Dust - an update


To update you, DEFRA are no longer forecasting high levels of air pollution as a result of Saharan dust, levels are still forecast to reach Moderate today across parts of England. Air pollution levels are forecast to be Low across the UK on Friday. On Saturday, there is a risk of areas of Moderate air pollution across parts of England and Wales due to further Saharan dust, with Low air pollution levels expected elsewhere.

DEFRA continue to issue tweets from the UK-Air website. Air quality forecast and health advice is updated daily and can be found on the UK Air website, uk-air.defra.gov.uk/, and on the Defra air quality twitter feed, @defraukair.



4 Replies

Thanks Mark for keeping us up to date with the pollution levels.....strangely enough my breathing has been ok today, but it was a struggle earlier in the week, perhaps it was the cold wind and damp then.


Thanks for update Mark.


Thanks Mark its always interesting to know what DEFRA predict . Wishing you all a great Christmas and Happy New Year.


Thank you mark for the info

I struggled yesterday but fine today


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